Jungle Adventures

These are a collection of stories I wrote. They are aimed at young children and I was planning for illustrations to accompany each book. This would be by splitting each book into seven parts with a picture/illustration per page. I hope you or any younger siblings enjoy them.


2. A Surprise for Sian

Sian was very lonely. She didn’t have any friends. Not even Katie, the kindest kangaroo ever, seemed to care about her.


It was very hot so Sian slid into the cool swamp waters that flowed through the jungle. She waded down to a small clearing and lay down on the sandy bank.


“Sian. Sian, come to this tree. It will be a lot cooler.” Sian looked up. Nobody cared about her, so who was calling? She sidled round to where the voice had come from.


Resting in the shade of the trees were Katie and Poppy. Being a panda, Poppy was chewing bamboo. Quietly, she called “Sian, we want to be your friend. Come and talk with us.”


Sian went over. This was a huge surprise. Sian was a lonely snake not someone’s friend. Soon she was chatting away. Sian had made some new friends.


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