Jungle Adventures

These are a collection of stories I wrote. They are aimed at young children and I was planning for illustrations to accompany each book. This would be by splitting each book into seven parts with a picture/illustration per page. I hope you or any younger siblings enjoy them.


5. A New King

Lucy was a kind lion and worked hard for everyone in their jungle home. Everyone agreed about this fact.


The last lion king had died and the jungle animals were searching for someone else to take over.


The animals met together and discussed their ideas. Poppy thought that it should be Lucy or another young lion cub called Lottie. They all voted on it and there was a strong winner.


At the ceremony, the ceremony the name of the new king was announced. Poppy stood on the stage.


“The new king of our jungle is….Lucy the Lion!” Everyone cheered and hugged Lucy.


Lucy was really amazed and surprised. She was the new king of the jungle. Wow!


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