My Heat

Jane Quimby, a teenager who is mistaken for an adult, as she finally gets her fashion dream job working with a world- famous designer, Grey Chandler Murray. She has to juggle between two secret lives: one in high school, and one in high fashion. Janes father died and her mother ran out on Jane and Ben before Jane even hit ten. She has her best friend Billy helping her out, but will she be able to keep her insane life under control or will the lies unravel one by one?


1. pilot

Hey guys! I really hope you like this story! I'm sort of new at this. So please if you have advise, don't be too mean. Do leave comments though, by all means I want your opinion. Enjoy!! (:

*Front door opens*

"Hey, is she up yet?" Billy asks as he walks over to the kitchen and grabs a bowl of cereal.

"No. And if she doesn't get up now she will be late!" Ben replies in a louder fashion in attempt to awake his little sister.

"I've got this," Billy laughs as he walks over to her bedroom," Janey it's time to wake up".

"Ughh, no!" Jane whined as she pulled her pillow over her head and turned facing the opposite direction.

"Come on Janey if you don't get up now there won't be any time for you to fix your hair," Billy explained.

Ben walked in and began to laugh at the sight of his little sister ignoring even her best friend when it came to getting out of bed. Normally on a weekend Billy would come over quietly enter Janes room and lay in bed with her watching Tom and Jerry or Looney Tunes all morning.

Now weekdays are rather unpredictable, Billy will drive over, eat breakfast, and if the odds aren't in his favor he will end up spending 20 minutes just trying to get the dearest out of her pajamas.

"So you still got this?" Ben asked mocking Billy's earlier confidence.

"As a matter a fact, I do," Billy responded with a tone that hinted he had an idea.

Billy walked past Ben and into kitchen. The sound of running water got Ben's eyes to transfer to Billy's direction.

With gained knowledge on just what Billy's plan was he pointed at Billy and the words,"If she asks, this was all your idea!" spill from Ben's mouth.

Billy nodded and walked back into Janes room and slowly poorer the cold water all over her head.

The sudden chill caused Jane to jump up. A look of shock had filled her face and she just looked at Billy with complete and udder dis-belief, "Billy!"

"Haha, now you really really need to fix your hair" Billy couldn't help but feel as though he took it too far.

"Oh crap! Ok ok I'm up now give me five minutes" Jane insisted.

Billy had just finished his bowl of Fruit Loops when Jane comes out in a stylish sweater, skinny jeans, and combat boots. She had her bag in one hand and her phone in the other.

"Nice Janey!" Billy said as he looked at her.

Ben said his goodbyes and was out the door just as Jane grabbed a bowl from the cupboard. Billy who had already finished his breakfast walked into the living room and sat on the couch watching whatever channel popped up.

Jane who hadn't realized the he just got comfy asked," Hey Billy do you think you can bran the mail, I don't think anyone has checked it in days".

"Sure," Billy jumped up, normally he might be irritated but Pretty Little Liars isn't exactly his cup of tea.

As he closes the door behind him the house phone rings and Jane answers with a cheery "hello" only to have her good morning carpet pulled out from under her. She continues with serious "mmhms" and "I understand"s when Billy returns.

Once she hangs up he looks at her confused, "Who was that?"

"The PG&E, turns out we were late on our payment this month," Jane replies with worry in her voice," I'm going to call and see how much is I'm our bank".

Jane calls and after giving the recording the bank account number, a look of concern covered her face.

"What is it?" Billy asked once she hung up.

"We have $38 in the account," Jane tried t sound as calm as possible," I need to help Ben I know doing this alone has to be hard.

She grabs a paper from her bag and feta out her phone to send an email.

"What is that?" Billy asks lifting up the paper.

"An internship for a design company, I'm going to go to the interview and if I'm lucky I can help out around here".

"Are you still going to school?" Billy asks as he senses that is now the last thing on her mind.

Jane thinks about this for a minute and finally gives Billy an "it's a sick day look".

"I'll call Ben!" Billy suddenly seemed perfectly ok wait her plan to ditch school.

Everything goes as planned and Jane and Billy hop in the car and head off to Donavan Decker. Once they arrive Jane hugs Billy and walks up to the doors with mature manner

That's all for chapter one. I hope you like it. I know it's a bit boring but this chapter I just wanted to introduce everyone and give you an idea about the story, I promise the next chapter will have more excitement.

Love you guys <3

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