Do You Love Me Draco?

A Gryffindor and a Slytherin. It's Ginny`s first year at Hogwarts and when she goes in for the sorting she just happens to see a handsome blond boy who she immediately falls for but she knows that they could never be together because he just happens to be a Slytherin!


2. True Love

Draco`s P.O.V

"Oh look at you Potter can't even go to a book shop without making the front page.""Piss off Malfoy." Weasley said "Oh not very friendly Weasel bee.Wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morning."Tormenting Potter Weasley and Granger is just so much fun.Suddenly I looked at Ginny Weasley and I realized that she is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen.No Draco.Yes Draco.No Draco.Yes Draco.Draco Malfoy you are not allowed to like her.Draco listen you like her

but she probably thinks that you are a dirty two-faced git.Draco you are not a dirty two-faced git

you are a super cool blond boy who rocks Converse.


Ginny`s P.O.V

I just realized as I looked at Draco Malfoy that I like him as in like like him.Mot people think that he is a dirty two-faced git but seriously he isn't.He is a super cool blond boy who rocks Converse

and the Slytherin uniform.The second I realized I liked him I nearly fainted he is the most handsome boy I have ever seen I just really embarrassed myself blushing when he looked at my face. I don't see how Ron hates him so much he seems like a horrible flipping bragger til you get to know him I couldn't be happier when he waved at me it was like no-one had ever looked at me before Bert than James Dale I dated in year five much better believe me.Nobody knows what Draco Malfoy is like underneath no-one does not a person.

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