Do You Love Me Draco?

A Gryffindor and a Slytherin. It's Ginny`s first year at Hogwarts and when she goes in for the sorting she just happens to see a handsome blond boy who she immediately falls for but she knows that they could never be together because he just happens to be a Slytherin!


7. The Next Morning

Draco's P.O.V

The next morning I was so tired.I felt like I had been up all night but I couldn't remember why.It was when I went into the great hall and I saw Ginny I imediatly  remembered Ginny was technically my girlfriend I mean what girl isn't your girlfriend after kissing you!I walked over and said "Hey.""Oh hi Draco."Ginny said Are you sure she's your girlfriend Draco.I was kinda sure when she slipped a note into my pocket.The note said:

Meet Me In Our Secret Place At Midnight{Just So You Understand Astronomy Tower}

Forever Yours 




As I skipped over to the Slytherin table I was humming Ginny's my girlfriend.Looking at Ginny made me feel sad because Ginny looked sad.In the hallway I asked her "Why are you so sad?""The fact it's my birthday tomorrow and I get one present every year for my birthday from mum and dad."She told me."Why don't your brothers get you anything?"It did seem sad to have six brothers  who didn't buy you ANYTHING for your birthday."Bill's always to busy, Charlie's in Romania with dragons, Percy is a perfect prefect and thinks about nothing but his perfect prefect badge, Fred and George are to busy pulling pranks to think about me and Ron doesn't even care so that's a present each year for my birthday."Ginny explained" And I am dreading tomorrow because yippee for me it's my birthday."That is just so mean a family of eight and you get a single pressie from your mum and dad!!!!!!!!When Harry,Ron and Hermione came along{Ginny has made me start calling them that}she decided to kiss me on the cheek of course and skipped down the corridor and stopped at Harry Ron and Hermione.


Ginny's P.O.V

"What the hell was that?"Ron asked me"Draco is my boyfriend thank you very much and you care about that and not my birthday which conveniently enough is tomorrow."I yelled at him throwing my potions books to the floor and I immediatly left going back to the common room.At the moment I didn't want classes or school or anyone or anything I wanted my boyfriend.I wanted Draco.When midnight came I wasn't happy.I was still furious at Ron for earlier when I went to meet Draco I was a mess my hair was untidy, tears were still streaming down my face and my eyes were red and puffy."Draco."I said as I walked into the room."It's me Ginny.""Oh Ginny hi."He said walking forward and drying my eyes for me."Why are you crying Ginny?"He asked me."The King of Make Me Upset Town went on about you know us being together and made it sound like the end of the world was about to happen.He cares about that and not my birthday!""Well your brother is no good unlike me of course."And he took a jewelry box he flicked it open and whispered."Happy birthday Ginny."Inside was a ring it was a snake with two glittering emerald eyes the snake uncoiled and inside it said: Happy Birthday To The Girl Who One Day Will Be Ginny Malfoy."Draco I love it but not as much as I love you." I said and then we kissed when two O'clock struck we left and Draco walked me back to the portrait hole and when we got there we hugged and Draco left to go to the Slytherin common room.

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