Do You Love Me Draco?

A Gryffindor and a Slytherin. It's Ginny`s first year at Hogwarts and when she goes in for the sorting she just happens to see a handsome blond boy who she immediately falls for but she knows that they could never be together because he just happens to be a Slytherin!


6. The First Kiss

Ginny`s P.O.V

It was almost time to see who the secret letter was from and who wanted to meet me. I straightened my hair and put on some mascara on something Hermione gave me a muggle thing called make-up supposed to make you look prettier you wear it on your eyelashes and it makes them longer. As I walked down the corridor I froze on the spot when I heard footsteps down the corridor it was a Slytherin dressed in a black jumper with a hood and black trousers. I carried on walking to the Forbidden Forest and when I got there I saw none other than Draco Malfoy." You came." He said like he didn't expect me to of come here at all. "Of course I came I wouldn't just leave you here all night waiting for me." I answered. "Draco I have to tell you something..." Toatal bad start!!!!! "Ginny I love you. That day in Diagon Alley I looked at you and realized that I love you more than anyone in the world." He climbed a tree as he said it. "Draco I love you to I would of told you earlier but I couldn't find the words." I have finally found the words to say that to the one boy that I have ever loved and a boy who feels the same about me. Suddenly he lent down from the tree and he kissed me "How can we be together my brothers won`t like it especially Ron." I was thinking of how we be together. "Each night we can meet in the Astronomy Tower yeah." He said holding my arms and looking right at me "Ok I'll meet you at midnight tomorrow then yeah." I said. "Ok." He waved goodbye and we ran to the castle.

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