Do You Love Me Draco?

A Gryffindor and a Slytherin. It's Ginny`s first year at Hogwarts and when she goes in for the sorting she just happens to see a handsome blond boy who she immediately falls for but she knows that they could never be together because he just happens to be a Slytherin!


11. The Diary

Harry's P.O.V

Ginny seemed pretty upset about what Draco said last night. How could he say that. To his girlfriend's friend. Even though that sounds stupid how could he say that! At breakfast he came over to speak to her "Hi Ginny." He said. "Go away I'm not speaking to you." Ginny said not looking at him. The strange  highlight of the day was finding a diary in a toilet. And that just happened to be in the girls toilets. Luckily nobody goes in there anymore. The oddest thing happened after my detention. The toilet diary was gone! Who could of taken it though?

Draco's P.O.V

Now I had a diary but guess where I found it. In Potter's room! It was empty though. I wrote a message in it: Crappy diary. There's nothing in it. Then my writing vanished and new writing appeared in the diary it read: This diary is full of lots of things. How could that happen. I wrote:Who are you? The strange writing appeared again:I am Tom Riddle but who are you? I wrote:I am Draco Malfoy. Do you know anything about the Chamber of Secrets? And if you do can you tell me. Then Tom was very rude:Yes I do but I won't tell you. So I wrote:Pretty please. Tom wrote:I will not tell but I will show.

Tom showed me a strange vision. Nobody could see me or hear me. I could see and hear them but they couldn't do that to me. I could touch them but they wouldn't realize. Once the vision ended I knew it was late so I went to bed and left it at that. In the morning Tom's diary was gone. Someone had taken it! But who?

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