Do You Love Me Draco?

A Gryffindor and a Slytherin. It's Ginny`s first year at Hogwarts and when she goes in for the sorting she just happens to see a handsome blond boy who she immediately falls for but she knows that they could never be together because he just happens to be a Slytherin!


10. The Chamber Of Secrets

Draco's P.O.V

After the feast everyone was in the hallway when we saw some bloody writing on the wall. It read: The Chamber of Secrets has been opened enemies of the heir beware. "You'll be next mudbloods." I said looking at Granger. "Draco how dare you say that to her." Ginny said and she walked off with Granger. to the Griffindor common room.

Ginny's P.O.V

"I can't believe what he just said that idiot." I said. "I thought he was your boyfriend Ginny?" Hermione asked. "Maybe he is or maybe he isn't but at the moment I really hate him." I said. "No you don't. No-one ever actually hates someone. They just say it." Hermione said. "But the chamber of secrets that's what I don't understand and "You'll be next mudbloods." What does that mean?" I said. I didn't know what he meant when he said that.

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