•Completed• Somebody That I Used To Know

"Yeah, we used to have some good times together." The words slipped through my mouth without me even thinking. I looked at Liam who's face had gone pale, and then Louis. His expression was blank. Then he stomped away, leaving us all in an awkward silence.

One slip up, that has been hidden for years, now causes Kayla to question who her "true love" really is. Or does she already have her love, and this is all just a bad dream?


14. Basketcase


"So why did you come here?" Niall asked again. He must feel the same way I do. Although she was being a flirt, sitting with her hand in mine, all the usual, the feeling in the room was different. The day we left, which was the last time we were all together, this wasn't here. "Wow." Niall ruffled his hair. I must have missed her answer. I caught, from the corner of my eye, Liam winking at her. I tried to ignore it, but it itched at me for a few seconds, then I had to do something. 

"Liam, can I talk to you for a moment? Alone." It must have come out worse than I intended, because he didn't move for a moment. "What did you two talk about? Why is she staying here? What was that just about? You know there's probably a hundred questions, and counting, I could ask you right now." I already knew what he was going to say. I just decided to keep going. "Liam, look I know... I know we talked about it, but I'm not ready to let go..." I was trying to think of something else to say when he shocked me. 

"You may not be Lou, but did you ever think maybe she is?" I couldn't talk, especially to him. "We can't be so tight on each other, because she's stuck in the middle of us. She won't want to be with either of us if were like this every time the other one looks at her." Every time I talk with someone they have to have a good point in their answer. 

"She is my girlfriend. In the beginning I thought you two were just friends. I kept telling myself that over and over again, but just friends don't look at each other like you two do. Just friends don't hug like you two do either." He looked over at me, maybe a little stunned, I couldn't tell really. "Yeah I saw it. I didn't hear anything, but I saw everything. If I had my say in this, I would say you had your chance. It's my turn now. Why can't you just leave us alone?" One second I'm talking, the next I have this pain in my jaw. "Did you just punch me?" 

"I don't know Louis did I, and if I did what are you going to do about it?" Oh this is exactly what this needed to turn into.

"You know, I'm not doing this Liam. We can work this out reasonably, or we can not work this out at all. I don't really care anymore. Why did you punch me anyways?" I wanted to walk away, but if we don't work this out, we'll both lose her.

"That's exactly what she had said to me. The 'you had your chance' part. You two think almost exactly alike. I'm sorry, I shouldn't have punched you. Are you ok?" He wouldn't look at me, but I still believed him.

"It's nothing. I think we've both been through worse."  It was quiet for a few moment. It wasn't an awkward silence this time. "I think this whole thing is actually making us start to like each other." He smiled, shaking his head. 

"No way. If anything this is making me hate you. I could stand you, and now I don't know if I can even do that." He was probably right. "Who do you think, if either... Do you see my question?" I'd never felt so connected with Liam before. I could read his facial expressions, like right now if I were to say me he would probably be depressed for years because he may have just lost her again. 

"To be honest, I don't really know. An hour ago I would've told you me, but right this moment I would say you. Tomorrow she's gonna be acting like nothing is up, so tomorrow I would say me. It's a back and forth thing, and it could tear us apart. I have to go against you and say that we need to corner her." 

"Why? That -" I knew what I was talking about, so I cut him off.

"Listen. Cornering her gives her an ultimatum, choose or leave. She's said before she doesn't want to lose both of us. Right?" I think he was starting to get it. 

"What happens to the other one? I mean we can't just go back to a regular routine, she'll still be a part of our life even though she's supposed to be "gone"." He was so hysterical over this. Couldn't we just figure it out as it happened? I mean we're going to be too depressed to notice at first anyways. 

"You know, we'll figure that out as all this plays out. Now they probably think we've killed each other, come on." I was about to open the door, when Liam surprised me, again.

"Who are you, really, Louis?" 

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