"It Only Takes..."

Short Story. it will take less than 5min to read. Just a warning I wrote this for class in a 5 minute journal assignment along time ago so bare with me on this one.


1. only a second

It was down to the finale minutes, and the score was 30-15. Mary shuffled down the alley, One low lung to the left…, she popped us and smashed the ball. Danielle glowered at her for the cheap shot. Knowing that if it was her she would do it to.

Why should she go easy at state?

It’s STATE! 30-30 called the referee. walking to the side of the court I sat on the bench beside Mary. Grabbing my frogatog and water bottle I quickly dried my racquet and hydrated before switching courts.

Walking to the service line I popped a ball and prepared to serve. Mary was in her stance. Middle squat. She was waiting for it. For the ball to be served, one of two defining moments if she could hit my low-fast front corner smash.

To my surprise as she went to lunge for it she fell. hearing a crunch in the air I looked at her foot worried that we could not finish the game if she was injured. the ball whizzed past me in my conceded daze. she scored without even really trying! T

he paramedic walked out to the court. asking the basic questions to see if it was serious. I walked over and watched waiting to see if she could finish the game. If she got the next point game over if not then we would have to go one more time for we would be in a tie. the current score is now 30-40.

“is she going to play or what?” I called from the net.looking at my fans in the crowd.

“Are you really asking that? she fractured her Navicular!” The paramedic looked at me like i was crazy. I hoped over the next kneeling next to Mary.

"look like this year the Rockies win again.” I stated smugly before walking away. Mary's shocked face was priceless.

"get me up” she heard the small female whisperer. I laughed in my head. She really thought she could win this year! HA!!

"Im not Stopping this game!” Mary yelled at me. I paused right at the gate. turning around with a smile.

"And how do you plan to play when your bones can't even hold your weight?” she turned to the paramedic whispering in his ear. he left the court and when up to an elderly man in a wheelchair.

“could I borrow your wheelchair sir?” the Paramedic asked rubbing the back of his neck with his hand. I furrowed my bro. Why would he need a wheelchair from a old man?

“May I ask why you need my chair sir? I can't Move around without it.” the old man responded with a look of curiosity.

"Well sir...’ “Jim. My name is Jim”

"well Jim, Mary has injured a weight bearing bone and seeing as this is state, she was wondering if she could borrow you chair for the last finale points.” The paramedic rushed out wondering if he insulted the man in anyway.

“Why my granddaughter can use my chair any day!” Jim said with a glint of amusement in his eye. “I’ll just sit by her mother on the bleachers.” The paramedic helped jim into a spot by the women, taking the chair over to the court and putting Mary in it.

"Really your going to play like that?” I laughed “this is going to be like taking candy from a baby. but if you score i will commend you for that” i laughed once more walking back to the serving line…...WOOSH…..BANG…. These were the last sounds led to a change in history. It Changed my life and hers. It changed Everything. Everything Changes in seconds. decisions are made in seconds.

"It only takes a second..." -Unknown

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