"It Only Takes..."

Short Story. it will take less than 5min to read. Just a warning I wrote this for class in a 5 minute journal assignment along time ago so bare with me on this one.


2. Measly Minutes


That's her name. She lost State for the first time, it was her senior year at St. Rockies High School.

That's when it all changed for her. She just lost her hopes at a scroller ship for collage. There was no way she could go with out it,

With that in her mind she gave up the 4.0 in school knowing it wouldn't help her. "All I got now is a basic job with minimum wage." She kept on telling her self.

She just stopped trying. Tennis WAS her life. Was for she lost it and so go's forth she lost life.

'Lost and unstable'

That's what everyone thought. Whispers were all around after the game at state. Mary pitied Danielle, she knew how bad she wanted it . But some people need to be knocked down to be able to climb up.

Or at least that's what Mary was saying to her self when she got several paid in full scholar ships to 3 different collages.

Everything was just passing by in slow minutes. Nothing special, nothing to stand out.

Boring, dull.

Measly Minuets ticking by....

That's all it was now...

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