The Howl of the night

Step into a world were being weird is the new normal, that is where Luna lives.
Luna is a 16 year old girl, who started her life in London, plain old London. A simple life, but from birth there was something different about her. That's what she will find out.. who she really is and where she really belongs.


1. Luna.

A drop of water fell upon her rosey lips, her dry toungue swiped urgently across as she tilted her head up to the sky, Luna was parched but that one droplet was shortly followed by many more. The rain was falling heavily now as she continued her run home.. endurance she had always been good at that. That was what she was doing, running, away from the terrors at school. As she slowed down to a fast walk, Luna thought about the fact that she never seemed to fit in. She had been running for hours away from the stupid bullies on their bikes. She had managed to loose them, she stopped for a minute and cupped her hands to catch some water from the downpour and slurped it up gratefully. Finally she took a look at her surronding, but everywhere she looked all she could see was dense, thick, bushy trees. Scared Luna started to run again, her long silver-blue hair flowed behind her as her scrunchie was left in the dirt, tears stained her pale complexion as she continued forwards.

Hours later she reached the outskirts of her house, as she reached the front door she could hear the sound of plates clattering on the floor and other various objects flying and smashing, and of course the shouting, the constant shouting that seemed to never stop. With a deep breath she entered her "home". She had known for a few days now that her parents were not actually her real ones.. but there never seemed to be a good moment to bring it up. She silently took of her black combat boots and tiptoed upstairs removing her beanie in the process. Once upstairs she looked out the window to see the heavy shower had turned to gracefull snowflakes dancing down to settle on the ground. With a heavy sigh she went and stood in front of the miror. 

Luna wasn't exceedingly tall, around about 1m68, she had long legs which obviously helped her run, her hair was wavy and when loose went all the way down to her mid-back. It was a peculiar colour , silver-blue, she never understood how that could be her natural hair colour but it was and she liked being original so it suited her. She had large almond-shaped eyes, that sort of matched her hair. A blue grey, more grey than blue but still utterly breathtaking. Her long eyelashes fluttered as she blinked, she didn't find herself pretty, nor normal, just original. She could never quite make up her mind if that was a good thing.

From outside the window an 18 year old boy was watching her intently, she didn't know he was there. The boy knew that he needed to talk to her soon as she would soon start to get her powers. She was and werewolf-angel, yes a combination of the two. Making her extremley powerful. It was his job to protect her from all the evil that there was. He had managed to sneak in when her room went freezing cold, something was there, an evil spirit. Felix had to help Luna who was surley unaware of her powers and so helpless. He had to save her before she got killed.

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