lies turned dangerous

Harriet potter is leaving the light side


5. shopping

We waited for the house elves to calm down then we asked why where they cheering.

"Mistresses saved elves from evil mistress." One said and another one piped up.

"So now Wes owe new mistresses life debt fors killing bad mistress nymphadora."

"Okay so...."

"We need to get ...."

"Some clothes and a wand each."

"We will be waiting at black manor for mistresses to return do you'd wan  us tos be contacting  anyone to come an  see you.... mabeys Mistresses father?"  The elves asked. We knocked and replyed.

"Make it out to mister Tom riddle and state that an ally wants to meet him with severus snape and bellatrix lestrange. At around say noonish" the elves nodded and settled about doing what we asked. Mione and I looked at each other and grinned we had some shopping to do.

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