lies turned dangerous

Harriet potter is leaving the light side


6. meeting up

After Mione and I had finished our shopping we arrived back in black manor and we were told of how because I was the god daughter of Sirius then I had the right to live in the house and at my request the elves when and retrieved Sirius and Remus who after hearing our story told us of how for the past two years Dumbledore has been running damage control. At twelve till noon we requested that the elves get started on lunch and we changed into a new set of robes they were black and had a silver snake winding up the back.  We removed the glamor’s covering our true appearance that Dumbledore had placed and we looked like true twins.  Has we started down the stairs we heard the floo roar to life and a shout of,

“BLACK WHAT SOTR OF TRICK IS THIS YOU ARE GOING TO DIE VERY PAINFULLY FOR THIS!”   We looked at each other before we sprinted down the stairs.

We walked in on the sight of Bellatrix and voldemort pointing their wands at our godfathers while Severus stood back sneering at Sirius.

“PUT THE WANDS DOWN OR YOU WILL LOSE THEM!  HOW OLD ARE YOU?”   The dark lord put his wand down and stared at us.

“DON’T SPEAK TO OUR LORD LIKE THAT!”  Bellatrix screeched. We laughed.

“Because we can now that that is out of the way… DADDY!!!!”  We yelled launching ourselves at voldemort.

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