lies turned dangerous

Harriet potter is leaving the light side


4. captor turned prisoner

PC came into our room through a wall that would seem to turn to liquid when she touched it

"Hi PC how are you doing?" We asked in sync

She seemed shocked to hear us talk


"Phyco cunt we needed something to call you and it was the best option." I said then hermione picked up on my sentence

"Can we leave now we don't want to hurt you yet." PC snorted

"Yeah because that's going to happen Inferno controliam!" She said and a band of fire lashed out and attacked itself to the side of our faces drawing it down and across so we would have burn marks going across our faces and we grinned and I reached over and took Miones hand and together we stated

"Stupify." Then I went and started working on the wall while Mione placed a body bind on PC and sent her into the shadow plain to be watched over by some shadow nymphs who we had befriended in our mind scape.

"Here is the key stone Mione." I said pressing my hand to it and the wall became liquid Mione and I stepped forward and we found ourselves surrounded by cheering house elves.

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