One Day...

'One Day We Will Share Our Love, One Day We Will Meet Again And One Day We Will Be Perfect...'
Chloe and Louis, best friends until the X-Factor, Louis left - Leaving Chloe to struggle with her problems and no support. But when they meet again in Doncaster, when Louis has a break, something happens. But with tour coming up so fast there's only a short amount of time to show each other how they really feel....


1. Chapter One

Chloe sat there, alone, in her small apartment. 

She had nothing to do, her parents where on a Holiday with her brother and she was left in Doncaster after being told that Louis Tomlinson, her old best friend, was coming back. Chloe sighed for the thousandth time and pulled her self up - off of her sofa. She put on some shoe's and threw on a coat before grabbing her bag that held important, and not so important, essentials, such as: Keys, hairbrush, gum, purse, a small tub of Vaseline and my I phone four. 

She walked out her door, her eyes taking a few seconds to adjust to the light, there's no point in staying in all day - especially if she wanted to find her ex-best-friend....


Louis waved goodbye to his fellow band mates, none of them wanted to go back home but as much as they all wanted to stay they all missed their families. Louis turned around and hoped onto his plane, alone. He fell asleep on the way, thinking of all the fun times he's had with the boys...


The plane landed and Louis got of, collected his luggage and waited for his mum and sisters to come and pick him up. It was hard for him to see his mothers car with all the screams from Direcrioners and the flashes from the cameras. He sighed, a sigh of relief, as he saw his mothers car pull up, he ran up to the car - As if he was a little kid running towards a pile of chocolate. His mother laughed as he got in the car, 

"A little eager, are we?" She asked, Louis laughed and put on his belt. 

"I just wanna get home," Louis told her, she smiled and kissed his forehead, 

"Well, Louis, your sisters wanted to go to Starbucks," Louis nodded, 

"And what does this have to do with me?" He asked, 

"We want to go with you!" Daisy, one of Louis' twin sisters, yelled. Louis laughed and nodded, 

"OK, then. To Starbucks we go," the two youngest twins screamed in delight...


Johanna, Louis' mum, pulled up in front of Starbucks,

"I'll see you guys later, I need to go and do some food shopping," Louis nodded and said goodbye to his mother. 

"OK, monsters, let's go," Louis yelled, they all yelled - Even the oldest sister. They all walked into Starbucks and ordered their drinks before sitting down... 


Chloe walked walked out of Starbucks, holding her hot chocolate in one hand. The sun was gleaming, bright yet beautiful, something that you never saw in Doncaster. As Chloe began to walk something ran into her, more like someone. Making Chloe spill the hot drink over her.

The someone was a small, young, child. 

"Phoebe!" A male voice yelled, Louis soon ran over to Chloe, "Sorry about that - My little sister can get a bit... Hyper sometimes," Louis told her. Chloe laughed and shrugged,

"Don't worry, Lou, it happens," Louis was confused until he saw Chloe's face properly, 

"Chloe?!" He asked, excitedly, Chloe laughed while the two young twins look confused. They properly didn't recognise Chloe as the last time they saw her was just over three years ago. Louis engulfed Chloe in a large, warm, friendly hug. 

"Louis? Who's this?" Daisy's sweet voice asked, 

"This is Chloe, Chloe was my best friend before I left for the X-Factor," Louis told her, she 'ohhed' and smiled. "So, Chloe - We have to go now but we'll have to catch up some time - here's my number," Louis told her before grabbing a piece of paper from somewhere and writing his phone number on there. Chloe smiled and nodded, 

"I will, bye Louis," Louis smiled and waved goodbye. 

"Bye Chloe!" He yelled, 

"Bye Louis, Lottie, Daisy and Phoebe," they all waved before carrying on with their day...


Chloe and Louis had been non-stop calling, texting, FaceTiming, seeing each other, hanging out and just having fun with each other. Louis knew that he had to go on tour soon but Chloe didn't, Louis was heartbroken knowing that him and Chloe had built this friendship up so fast and he was scared, just in case it stopped again - Like last time.

After all it was luck that they ran into each other, otherwise Louis wouldn't have remembered Chloe and Chloe would be weeping over how his and hers friendship stopped so suddenly. 


Louis and Chloe looked at each other - tears welling up in their eyes.

"I'm sorry I didn't tell you, Chloe," Louis mumbled, Chloe shook her head - A few tears falling, 

"I don't care - Lou, just please - promise me that you'll call me," Chloe begged, Louis nodded, 

"I promise," 

"You won't forget me - Will you?" Chloe asked, Louis shook his head,

"There won't be a day that goes by, Chloe, that I won't think of you," Chloe smiled as the two joined each other's hands. 

"Good - Louis, I have something to tell you," Chloe told him, Louis looked up, "Louis, since I met you I've loved you," Chloe told him, Louis smiled and connected each others lips together. The kiss felt magical to both of them and it's something both of them have wanted to do for so long now. They both pulled apart and smiled, 

"I love you to, Chloe," he told her before pecking her lips. "Just remember," Louis said, there was a second of silence before he spoke again, "One Day We Will Share Our Love, One Day We Will Meet Again And One Day We Will Be Perfect..."

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