Broken Vinyls

She was on a bench, he was going for a walk.
She had show him the sun, he had shown her compassion
They gave each other friendship.
When Adam and Layne met they were polar opposites, but after finding Adam's old vinyls in the basement, they discover that they share a love for music, and a little bit of damage.


9. Layne

I can tell by how hysterical this guy that he didn't kidnap me, or he didn't have the intent to. 
"So you didn't kidnap me?" I questioned "Well this is embarrassing."

"The only reason I brought you to my house is because it was freezing last night, snowing, and you were blue." He said while… still laughing.

"I was?"


"Well, thanks. A lot." I took a breath in before sitting back down.

The guy and I just stared at eachother for a while.
"Look, if you still need a place to stay, you're welcome to crash at my place again. It'll be your choice this time. " he said.

I thought about it for a while and told him that I'd take him up on his offer we started walking back to his house.

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