Broken Vinyls

She was on a bench, he was going for a walk.
She had show him the sun, he had shown her compassion
They gave each other friendship.
When Adam and Layne met they were polar opposites, but after finding Adam's old vinyls in the basement, they discover that they share a love for music, and a little bit of damage.


6. Layne

Getting up feeling disheveled, confused, and 
Somewhat afraid is not the best feeling on Earth. I lift myself up and rub my eyes.

For a moment I think that I'm hallucinating. Except for the fact that I haven't been on pills in a long time… if a month is considered long. But, I'm not outside anymore. This is somebodies home.

Have I been kidnapped?

If I have been kidnapped I doubt my kidnapper would make me as comfortable as I am. Unless, this guy is one of those creeper types. The type that's nice until you get him pissed, then he loses his temper and starves you until you apologize. There are other ideas that I could venture into, but would rather not. It's been so long since I last prayed, or even said the word God - now would be a good time to get back into the habit.

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