Broken Vinyls

She was on a bench, he was going for a walk.
She had show him the sun, he had shown her compassion
They gave each other friendship.
When Adam and Layne met they were polar opposites, but after finding Adam's old vinyls in the basement, they discover that they share a love for music, and a little bit of damage.


2. Layne

It's not as if I have anything better to do- anywhere better to go to. I took off my bag and laid down across the bench, using the bag as a pillow. I looked at my watch, the time was a little after six thirty. Whenever I'm cold I get tired. As I lay here I can feel myself dozing off… I don't really want to sleep out here on this bench, in the freezing cold, and the rain is getting worse. I close my eyes and try to just let the sleep come.

The sooner I get to sleep the better.

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