Broken Vinyls

She was on a bench, he was going for a walk.
She had show him the sun, he had shown her compassion
They gave each other friendship.
When Adam and Layne met they were polar opposites, but after finding Adam's old vinyls in the basement, they discover that they share a love for music, and a little bit of damage.


8. Adam

When I get home it's about twelve-thirty. The girl must have left, all of her stuff is gone. She folded the blanket before she left.

Ready to walk to the bench, I start to regret even bothering to come into the house just so I could leave the house again. I head back out of the door and to the bench.

Today there's someone on the bench again, but they're awake. I sit down silently.

Then, the person sitting on the bench says hello, I say hello back. They have a girl's voice. Then she turns to look at me. I know her!  She's the girl from yesterday, the one who was sleeping oon the bench. It's easier to see her brown complexion in the light. I stare at her with the most baffled face. She looks back at me with horror in her eyes.

"What's wrong, you okay? " I ask
She's silent.
"Do you need help?" I begin to reach towards her, but before I can fully remove my hand from it's Lock, she starts screaming "kidnapper! Get away from me!" Which is somewhat useless, because this is practically a ghost town. I'm probably one of the youngest residents under the age of forty. I begin to feel more like a creep thinking about the thoughts that I'm thinking.

I try speaking again. 
"Um, I don't know what you're talking about I've  never kidnapped anything or one." 
"What the heck do you mean? You kidnapped me yesterday," she bawls "and I escaped this morning." 
This is golden, absolutely perfect.
"Excuse me?!" I reply "You escaped?" I'm having trouble holding back tears at this point. I laugh at her.


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