Broken Vinyls

She was on a bench, he was going for a walk.
She had show him the sun, he had shown her compassion
They gave each other friendship.
When Adam and Layne met they were polar opposites, but after finding Adam's old vinyls in the basement, they discover that they share a love for music, and a little bit of damage.


5. Adam

When I lift her she isn't very heavy ; if anything cold. Seeing she has a bag, I pick that up too. Her bag was heavier than she was, go figure. The walk back home goes by faster than the walk to the bench. As I walk by the track, the train doesn't pay a visit, though I can hear it in the background.

After walking for about ten minutes, I've made it home. Well, I didn't exactly make it. I would've gotten home either way.

Once I've gotten through the door I lay her down on the sofa. I put her bag down next to her and grab a blanket. I would give her warmer clothes, but let's face it I already look enough like a creep. Plus, I don't want to wake her up.

I take off my coat and head back to my room, so that I can finally get some sleep.

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