Justin Bieber | Hold on Tight, (Sequal) Through the flashlights.

After a year Justin returns from Believe tour, and he cant wait to see his beautiful girl Sammy, but when he tries to see her, she has moved on.
She got a new boyfriend and a new look.
Even tho Justin finds a way into her heart, but this time the relationship is diffrent.
Cus Justin and Sam makes a terrible mistake that they can never chance....


15. Sickness.

Today was the day. 

Springbreak and i was sitting on the airplane on the way back to CA.

I was so exited to see Justin again, i'd missed him so much.

I felt pretty sick, it had been like this for almost 2 months now, but i guess it was just because i was stressed out.

I just needed to see Justin, and then i guess everything would be okay even the sickness.


The plane landed and we alll got out.

I walked inside and found my suitcase.

I grapped it and walked towards the big swing doors at the end of the airport.

"EXIT" was written all over the doors.

I took a deep breath and was ready to feel the CA air run through my hair again.


I got out and looked around.

A big black car pulled over towards me.

I smiled.

Scooter came out.


Scooter: Hello Sam.


I looked weird at him.


Sam: Where is Justin?

Scooter: He is in the studio, i will drive you there.

Sam: Oh okay.


I got in the car and we started driving.

I held my hands on my stoamach when scooter looked weird at me.


Scooter: WOW, Whats wrong Sam?

Sam: Oh nothing, i've just felt a big sick lately.


Scooter nodded and looked towards the road again.


We got to the studio.


Scooter: You can just bring your suitcase with you inside.

Sam: Okay.


I grapped my suitcase and walked with Scooter inside.

I smiled at Kenny and continued walking.


We got to the studio were Justin was suppose to be.

I could hear him singing and some girl.

It sounded like Ariana.


We got inside and in the same second Justin saw me, he pulled off his headphones and stopped singing.

He ran out of the box and towards me.


Justin: Sammy!


I smiled and opened my arms.

Justin held tight around my waist.


Justin: dont ever leave me again.

Sam: i Wont for a While


He looked at me and pressed his lips Against mine.

We didn't let go for a While.


Scooter: i dont Think We Will get more out of Justin today

Ariana: i get it, he hasn't seen Sam for a While.


I smiled and hugged Ariana


Ariana: Hey Sam

Sam: Hey Ariana


Justin took my hand and We Walked towards the Doors

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