Justin Bieber | Hold on Tight, (Sequal) Through the flashlights.

After a year Justin returns from Believe tour, and he cant wait to see his beautiful girl Sammy, but when he tries to see her, she has moved on.
She got a new boyfriend and a new look.
Even tho Justin finds a way into her heart, but this time the relationship is diffrent.
Cus Justin and Sam makes a terrible mistake that they can never chance....


22. It's a.

I felt fat.

My belly was getting bigger and i was feeling so sick all the time.

Today we were going to the hospital to our ultrasound appointment.

I didnt really care if today was the day we got to know the gender of our child, i didnt even care about the gender as long as it was healthy and happy.

I knew that Justin had he's dreams about a boy and then later getting a little girl and then the boy would be that kinda big brother that wouldnt gonna let anyone touch his little sister.

It was a cute dream he had, i was so sure he was gonna be the most loveable dad ever.

I was so stressed lately.

Justin was playing his music and hanging out with his friends.

It almost felt like he was livng his life without me.

I was just sitting here in this couch, eating food and peeing alot.

Pregnancy sucked.

Me and Justin hadnt had sex since i we found out i was pregnant.

I needed sex.


God. I had to talk to Justin.

But he wasnt home...

He was at some friend's place chilln.

I didnt want to ruin his fun, but i really had to tell him and i had to tell him now.


I grapped my phone from the table and wrote a text for Justin.


Sam: Hey baby, NTT


I pressed send and waited for him to answer.

But he didnt.

I waited for 2 hours. 

I looked at the time.

1.24 pm

My apointment was in 15 mintues. I had to go now.

Justin was suppose to come with me, but i guess he was doing something way more fun.


Sam: Going to the ultrasound now, be home when im done. NTT


I took a deep breath and walked out to my car.


I got to the hospital and walked inside.


As i was sitting on the waiting room waiting. I thought about alot of things.

Maybe Justin was still not ready to have a family,

He was world wide famous, how could he possible have time for me and a baby?


Voice: Samantha, come on in.


I looked up at the nurse, smiled and walked inside with her.

I lay down and lifted my shirt, so my belly was showing.


Nurse: Okay Samantha, you might feel something cold in a second but just relax.

Sam: I wish i could.


I saw the baby.

It was so beautiful.

I couldnt believe my own eyes.


After the ultrasound i drove home.

As i parked i noticed that Justin car was here.

I took a deep breath and walked slowly inside.


I opened the door and walked into the livingroom.

Justin was standing infront of the couch and looked at me.


Justin: What's wrong Babe?

Sam: Justin, i cant handle this on my own.

Justin: What are you talking about?


Justin looked worried at me.


Sam: Everything.

Justin: Sammy, are those hormons blowing up again?


I felt the anger getting to my head.


Sam: What!? Not everything is the hormons! I can get mad because i feel like it too.


Justin took my hand.


Justin: Babe relax. Dont yell.


I pulled my hand away from Justin's and looked mad at him.


Sam: Dont tell me what to do.I've been doing this thing all by myself. Its your fault too. Dont make me handle this alone.

Justin: Babe, im sorry if i made you feel like that, i just thought that soon i couldnt do what i love every day.

Sam: So being with me and the baby isnt what you love?

Justin: You know thats not what i ment.

Sam: Do i?

Justin: I just want to be young right now and then be an adult when the baby comes.

Sam: Justin, i dont want to be the evil wife all of your friends hates because im calling you all the time calling for your help.

Justin: I'm sorry


I stared walking away and looked back at Justin.

He was just standing there.


Sam: I dont want to raise her by myself.

Justin: What did you just say?

Sam: I said that i didnt want to raise her by myself.


Justin walked closer and took my hand.


Justin: It's a her?


I nodded.


Justin: am i having a little girl?

Sam: Yeah.


Justin smiled and kissed me.


We walked upstairs and cuddled for a while before i discited to let my felling speak for me.

I kissed Justin neck and rubbed on his jeans.

He moaned but hurried to push me away.

He looked at me.


Justin: Sammy please dont.

Sam: What?

Justin: It's not a good time.

Sam: Why?

Justin: Because youre pregnant, with my little baby girl.

Sam: Justin, we havent had sex since we found out i was pregnant.

Justin: I know, i know. 

Sam: Justin, i really need sex.

Justin: I know, me too but i dont want to do it. 

Sam: Why not?

Justin: What if it hurts her?

Sam: Thats the stupidest thing youve said all day.


I turned around and fell asleep pretty fast.

Tired, dissapointed and mad.

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