Justin Bieber | Hold on Tight, (Sequal) Through the flashlights.

After a year Justin returns from Believe tour, and he cant wait to see his beautiful girl Sammy, but when he tries to see her, she has moved on.
She got a new boyfriend and a new look.
Even tho Justin finds a way into her heart, but this time the relationship is diffrent.
Cus Justin and Sam makes a terrible mistake that they can never chance....


8. I promise.

Justin: Open the door now!


Justin yelled and pounded hard on the door.


I was on the bathroom floor, crying.

I took the razor blade and looked at my bruised wrist.


Justin: Let me in NOW!


Justin screamed full of panic.


Sam: Just go Justin! Im not good enough for you! I dont want to live anymore! Leave me alone!


I cried loud.


The blood flowed down my arms and the cutting wounds that i just made hurt so much.


Justin: I wont leave you! Open this door now or i will have to kick it in!


I heard him starting to fiddling with the lock and he made it.

He opened the door and looked at me with tears in his eyes. 


Justin: Why are you hurting yourself like this?


He said quiet and got down on the floor and hugged me tightly.


Justin: I love you. if you take your life, i will take mine.


He started crying.


Sam: Justin, Just let me die. I dont have any reason to live anymore,everybody hates me and im not good enough for you.

Justin: I love you Sammy! Dont believe that! Everybody that doesnt love you, isnt worth anything.


Justin kissed me, wipped away the blood from my arm and kissed the marks.


Sam: I promise.


Justin was still crying. but he was smiling at the same time.

I felt a tear fall down on my wrist.


Justin looked at me.

The tears rolled down his creeks.


I wipped away the tears and kissed him for a long time with passion.


Justin: Please dont leave me.


I smiled.


Sam: Never.


Justin took my hand and we walked upstairs.


We cuddled until we fell asleep.

I felt his warm body against my back.

I heard his heart beat.


He was so quiet.

He held me tight and i kept cuddling closer so i could feel him breathing.


I couldnt have wished for a better boyfriend.

This time i wouldnt take him for granted.


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