Justin Bieber | Hold on Tight, (Sequal) Through the flashlights.

After a year Justin returns from Believe tour, and he cant wait to see his beautiful girl Sammy, but when he tries to see her, she has moved on.
She got a new boyfriend and a new look.
Even tho Justin finds a way into her heart, but this time the relationship is diffrent.
Cus Justin and Sam makes a terrible mistake that they can never chance....


6. Crazy sex.

I didnt know what the dream ment, but i was sure about one thing.

I needed to calm down about all this guy trouble.


I got out of bed and walked to the bathroom, my dad already left for work.

I turned on the hot water and took off my clothes.

I got into the shower and felt the hot water running down my tired worried body. I loved taking showers, they were the only place i really could think and talk to myself without people thinking i was weird.


I washed my hair and turned off the water.

I dried myself with a big white towel and took on some clean underwears.

I walked into my own room again and looked for something to wear.


Pete was on his way over here, and i was looking forward to it. Today was our 10 months anniversary.

I took on a nice dress and fixed my tired face with some make up.


Pete got here around 12 PM 

I kissed him and we both got into his car.

We drove to the park, we loved being there and we used to come here as often as we could.

So it was the perfect place.


We walked around hand in hand through the park and i heard the birds sing a little love song for their one true love. Romantic.


After a couple of hours later, we were sitting on a bench eating icecream. 

I actually was happy.

but suddenly.


Pete looked seriously at me.


Pete: Sam?


I looked up and smiled.


Sam: Yeah?


He got down on his knees and took a little red box out of his pocket.

He opened it and in there was a cute diamond ring.

He looked at me, with happiness in his eyes.


Pete: Samantha, will you marry me?


I paniced and started crying.


Pete: Whats wrong? Did i do something wrong?


I shoke my head and sniffed.

He was still on the floor, but he'd pushed the box down in his pocket again.


Pete: Whats wrong sam?


I sniffed again and looked into his eyes.


Sam: I cant.

Pete: What? 


He got up on the bench again and looked at me.


Pete: What do you mean? Why cant you?

Sam: I'm still inlove with Justin.

Pete: Ohh.

Sam: Im sorry Pete, i really like you, but....

Pete: But you love him. 


i nodded.


Pete took a deep breath and hugged me.


Pete: Sam, it's okay. I want you to be happy.


I smiled and wrapped my arms around him.


After the hug Pete looked at me and smiled.


Pete: Why are you still sitting here? GO TELL HIM!


I smiled and started running.


I ran and ran and ran. I kept running until i was at Justin's house.


I knocked on the door and waited.

But it wasnt Justin that was answering the door. 

It was Selena.


Selena: Hello Sam.


I felt the tears coming, but i held them in.


Sam: I need to see Justin, is he here?

Selena: No, he is on the beach. He had to get some air after all the crazy sex we just had.


I really wanted to cry.


Sam: Thanks.


I ran to the beach and looked around. 

Nobody was here, just like we liked it.


I saw Justin standing beside the ocean and he starred above the sea.


Sam (Yelling): Justin!


He looked at me and smiled.


He ran towards me and he kept smiling.


When he came close, my eyes got soaed with tears.

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