Justin Bieber | Hold on Tight, (Sequal) Through the flashlights.

After a year Justin returns from Believe tour, and he cant wait to see his beautiful girl Sammy, but when he tries to see her, she has moved on.
She got a new boyfriend and a new look.
Even tho Justin finds a way into her heart, but this time the relationship is diffrent.
Cus Justin and Sam makes a terrible mistake that they can never chance....


27. Anwser me.

Seeing Justin like this, was horrible.

He didnt sleep.

He didnt eat.

He didnt even kiss me anymore.


I were still at the hospital, for the 3th night now.

Caroline was laying in her bed when i woke up.

She was sleeping.

She looked so cute.

She looked so much like Justin.

I couldnt help but smile.


A doctor came into my room.


Doctor: Mrs. Jones. 

Sam:  whats going on?

Doctor: We might have found a donor.

Sam: What? Thats amazing!

Doctor: Its not 100 procent sure, but i promise you that your little girl will get some new lungs soon.

Sam: Thank you so much doctor.


The doctor walked out of the room and closed the door behind him.


I smiled and called Justin.


Justin: Hey Baby! Im on the way.

Sam: They might have found a donor!

Justin: What? are you serious?

Sam: The doctor just told me.

Justin: Oh baby, thats amazing! So what are you guys doing?

Sam: Im just laying in bed, and Caroline is sleeping.

Justin:  I miss being close to you baby.

Sam: I know Justin, i just cant right now.

Justin: Why not?

Sam: Because i just had your baby.

Justin: But that makes you even more sexy.

Sam: Justin, lets wait for awhile.

Justin: Im almost there, baby. i'll....


I didnt hear him finish that sentence.

All i heard was car crashes.


I screamed into the phone.




I started crying.

I heard the police cars.


I kept screaming.

The nurses ran to my room and tried to calm me down.

I dont know what they gave me, but it made me fall asleep.


When i woke up again, a nurse came into my room and looked at me.


Nurse: Youre Justin Biebers girlfriend right?

Sam: Yes, thats me, why?

Nurse: Justin was in a car accident. His status is stable, but he is still unconscious.

Sam: Can i see him?

Nurse: Yes ofcourse. Follow me.


I got out of bed and followed the nurse to Justins room.

She opened the door and closed it behind me.


Justins pretty face was all messed up.

His left eyebrow had a patch on it.

His under lip was swollen.

and he was alot of bruises everywhere.

He looked horrible.


I sat down next to him and held his right hand.

He didnt wake up. 

I sat for a long time and just starred at him.


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