young but in love

"you have a girlfriend okay? you said you cared for me" i yelled with more tears running down my cheeks. "C- Crystal i'm so sorry i gave you hope or something but i never meant to... yes ofcourse i care for you but you're sixteen... you're too young Crystal" Harry said. he's 20 and i'm 16, i fell in love with him but he didn't, i was broken and he tried to fix me again.


2. too much fangirling:

Abbie and I went upstairs to my room to get ready, she called her parents and told them she was staying at my house, we’re gonna have a sleepover after the concert as well.

When it comes to me I wore purple tights and a black leather jacket with black heels. “what do you think?” Abbie asked standing in front of the mirror. She was wearing shorts with a really cute top saying “I love one direction” and a Supra. "fashionable" I said when we both walked downstairs to see Harry styles sitting on the couch.

“you see him too right?” Abbie asked making Harry laugh. He stood up and Aunt Victoria came in too. “hey girls you look really nice, I thought of inviting Harry over and make you two a surprise” she said smiling. “so who’s Crystal and Who’s Abbie?” he asked smiling. “I’m Crystal” I said hugging him, he smelled super nice and I never wanted to let go. “and I’m Abbie” Abbie said hugging him too. “alright Shall we go?” he asked. “wait… we’re going with you?” I asked making him chuckle. “I wouldn’t mind picking up two fans to my own concert, besides you’re Victoria’s niece” he said.

The car drive was silent and when Harry finally pulled over we jumped out and just stood there. “wait why are we here? That’s not where the concert is supposed to be” Abbie said. “I know girls, we’re gonna ride in that van over there where the rest of the band is and we’ll head straight backstage” Harry said pointing at a van that was standing in the end of the street. “Harry stop joking around” I said rolling my eyes.

“I’m not, come on let’s go” he said laughing. We walked towards the van when Niall horan opened the door. “you’re late” he said looking at harry then at us. “who are they?” he asked. “oh my god Niall I love you so much” Abbie said hugging him. Too much fangirling but I didn’t care, I did the same. “Niall I love you too” I hugged him as well when he started to laugh.

We met the rest of one direction but we didn’t have time to talk at all because the van pulled over and we got out. “okay so enjoy the concert and I’m sure we’ll meet up again” Harry said hugging both of us then walked away with the rest of the boys. Abbie and I took our seats and waited like everybody else for One Direction to come out. We had the times of our lives.

After the concert ended, our only problem was how we’re gonna go back home. I didn’t wanna call my aunt, it was 3 am. “let’s just walk it’s 3 am I’m sure any bad guys would be sleeping and I don’t think we could run into scary animals so nothing’s dangerous” Abbie said, we hesitated a lot but decided to do it.

A/N: trouble happens on the next chapter ;)


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