young but in love

"you have a girlfriend okay? you said you cared for me" i yelled with more tears running down my cheeks. "C- Crystal i'm so sorry i gave you hope or something but i never meant to... yes ofcourse i care for you but you're sixteen... you're too young Crystal" Harry said. he's 20 and i'm 16, i fell in love with him but he didn't, i was broken and he tried to fix me again.


7. staying with Harry:

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Crystal's POV:

"okay fine" Harry sighed. "we were in a hurry at the airport rushing to catch our flight when he and his daughter ran towards us, she wanted to talk to us but we couldn't stop because we were seriously very late" Harry said then sighed again. "don't stop now" Abbie said. "i'll tell you the rest" Niall said.

"apparently she killed herself after that, we were her idols and she was very disappointed but Harry was her favorite so maybe she did what she did because she loved him so much and he didn't even look at her" Niall said when tears escaped from Harry's eyes. he rushed outside and drove off.

"we'll follow him" Louis said then the boys all went to their cars when Abbie and i went to my room and Aunt Victoria stayed in the living room.

the next day:

Harry never went back home yesterday, i was getting used to him sleeping in the same room as mine and honestly i missed him and couldn't sleep all night thinking of him. Now Steve is in jail so he's getting his old life back forgetting i ever existed probably.

i closed my locker to see Zac standing there. "surprise" he said. "you scared me sorry i have to go to class" i said.

"i know i just want to see if you were okay cz you know... you ran away from me yesterday after what happened" he said. "oh right" i said then chuckled. "i forgot about that, sure i'm fine thanks for defending me" i said. "can i ask you something in return?" he asked when i nodded in agreement.

"will you go out with me Crystal?" he asked. maybe i should say yes, after all i can't just cry myself to sleep every night because of Harry, i needed to get over him one way or another. "okay i agree, pick me up at 9?" i asked. "perfect" he replied.

a couple of hours later, i made my way to art class but before i could enter, Aunt Victoria called my name and ran towards me. "what are you doing here?" i asked. "Crystal your parents just called me, your neighbor passed away and i have to catch the flight to new York in an hour" she said. "oh... that makes me sad" i said. "listen to me i will be gone for a couple of days, after school, Harry will pick you up, you will stay with him and his mom until i get back okay? i only trust her" she said. 

just when i decided to get over Harry, somehow he's finding a way to always stay in my life. i went outside when the bell rang to see his car standing in the end of the street. he called my phone and i picked up. "why are you standing in the end of the street?" i asked. "well hello" he said. "yeah yeah" i replied rolling my eyes. " your school have lots of fans, if i go there we won't go home in ages, come on i'm waiting for you" he said then hung up so i walked towards his car and jumped in.

when he pulled over, i saw this big beautiful house that made my jaw open. Harry laughed and got out. we went inside when Harry's mom walked towards us and gave me a hug. "come on sweetie i'll show you your room" she said then we went upstairs to "my room". "your aunt already packed your clothes and stuff okay?" she said when i nodded and smiled.

"thankyou very much" i said. we went back downstairs to see Harry eating ice cream in the kitchen. i sat next to him when he gave me a bowl of ice cream as well. "i don't share my food with just anyone you know" he said making me laugh. the door bell rang and Harry's mom went to open.

a beautiful blonde girl came in. "Haileyyyyyy" Harry said in excitement and hugged her then... kissed her breaking my heart. i felt like crying or just getting out of there, he knew i loved him how could he be so cold?

"Crystal this is my girlfriend Hailey" he said. "hey" i faked a smile. "yeah whatever guess what just happened?" she went back to talking to Harry ignoring me. my tears were streaming down my face, it was so obvious that she was a show off. i ran upstairs to my room but i could hear him yell at her.

"why did you ignore her like that?" "whatever Hazz who cares?" she replied. "I CARE SHE'S MY FRIEND AND SHE HAS FEELINGS" he yelled louder making me hear quite better. "well i don't understand why that girl is staying with you" she yelled. "that girl is crystal and she's only sixteen so lose the attitude Hailey" he yelled back making me cry. he still thinks i'm too young.

now all that's left for me to do is get ready for my date with Zac and try to be beautiful and attractive.

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