young but in love

"you have a girlfriend okay? you said you cared for me" i yelled with more tears running down my cheeks. "C- Crystal i'm so sorry i gave you hope or something but i never meant to... yes ofcourse i care for you but you're sixteen... you're too young Crystal" Harry said. he's 20 and i'm 16, i fell in love with him but he didn't, i was broken and he tried to fix me again.


19. party people:

i truly hope everyone's enjoying the story so far, the girlfriends are going to appear in this chapter so thankyou for those who commented their names :)

love ya loads :) P.S. it's a long chapterrrrrrrrrrrrr


Crystal's POV:

after i called Abbie i stood by the window and waited for her to show up. about ten minutes later i saw her walking towards the front door so i opened the door of the bedroom and waited for her to come up. more than ten minutes passed and i was still waiting, what took her so long? i kicked off my sneakers and pushed it under the bed when she finally entered.

"one direction is throwing a party and you're not sure if you wanna go? are you serious? we're both invited so put on a sexy dress and give me one also" she yelled- whispered.

i chuckled and crossed my arms. "so they talked to you and asked you to convince me?" i asked. "you're going Crystal don't you want to show Harry that you moved on and you're so free and all? " she asked when i raised my eyebrows.

"that didn't make sense at all" i said. "Crystal just go please? i desperately wanna go but it won't be the same without you" she said. i sighed and nodded in agreement so she hugged me making me laugh. 

we put on two killing dresses, make up and perfume, our only problem was that we had to take a cab since Aunt Victoria was feeling very dizzy from what happened today, she got really worried and scared about me.

the driver pulled over in front of Harry's house. "last time i came here turned into a disaster" i mumbled when the driver started to tap impatiently on the steering wheel. i looked at Abbie who was searching for money in her purse.

"never mind i'll pay" i said when she found her wallet. "great hurry up" i said. she gave him the fare so we jumped out and knocked on the door. a beautiful lady wearing a red dress opened. "uhh hey" she said then smiled.

we stood awkwardly outside the door wondering who she is but she probably wondered the same thing about us until Liam finally came putting his arm around her waist. "Hey girls come on in this is Mirella my girlfriend, Mirella this is Crystal... uhh Harry's ex girlfriend and her best friend Abbie" he introduced us. "gee Liam i'd like to be known for Crystal only not someone's ex but thanks anyway" i said sarcastically making him chuckle.

"sorry so the rest is well everywhere the house is pretty crowded" he said. "okay don't worry we'll find them" i said. Abbie and i headed to the kitchen to find Zayn with a girl both drinking wine and laughing. she was very classy and  just wonderful. "Hey sorry if we're interrupting something" Abbie said making them turn their faces our way. "no not at all, Perrie i'd like you to meet Crystal and Abbie they're our friends" Zayn said. "hey" Abbie and i said at the same time. Perrie smiled at us and waved so we moved on to another room.

"i'm gonna go to the bathroom okay?" Abbie said so we both headed different directions. walking in the entry of the house and looking at the floor i bumped into someone so i lifted my head to see Harry. "Crystal you came? that's amazing, y- you look absolutely wonderful" he said making me blush.

"uhh thankyou" i said. "wanna sit with me in the living room?" he asked when i nodded in agreement. we paced in to see Louis with a girl as well sitting on the couch, he was wrapping his arm around her shoulder and talking to her. "hi Crystal how are you?" he asked. "i'm fine Lou thanks" i said. "Gabrielle this is Crystal, Crystal this is Gabrielle" Louis said.

so basically all i could think about was that Mirella, Gabrielle and Perrie were in their twenties, beautiful and confident, they were models or at least that's what i noticed and then there's me. i'm only sixteen and a little curvy so really? what am i even doing here? Mirella even looked at me surprised when she heard that i was Harry's ex girlfriend.

"i'm sorry Harry coming here was a mistake i should go" i said and walked towards the door when he followed me. "Crystal wait" he said.

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