young but in love

"you have a girlfriend okay? you said you cared for me" i yelled with more tears running down my cheeks. "C- Crystal i'm so sorry i gave you hope or something but i never meant to... yes ofcourse i care for you but you're sixteen... you're too young Crystal" Harry said. he's 20 and i'm 16, i fell in love with him but he didn't, i was broken and he tried to fix me again.


24. i got my girls:

 Crystal's POV:

my parents and i took the flight to London the very next morning, i'm sad and hurt, Harry and i didn't talk, he didn't call so i don't know what happens next, all i know is that i don't know but i love him.

Mom and i sat down in the living room with Aunt Victoria while dad went to look for a house to buy. i kept checking my phone every five minutes...nothing.

the door bell rang so Aunt Victoria got up and opened. Gabrielle, Mirella, Perrie and another girl came in. "hey can we come in?" Mirella asked. i laughed and hugged them all. "i'm Avery by the way, Niall's girlfriend, i got really jealous when the girls said that they met you at the party and i didn't you know" she said sarcastically making me chuckle.

"nice to meet you i'm Crystal" i said. "uhh do you mind if we go to my room?" i asked mom. "of course not, feel comfortable to talk i'll get you some cold drinks" she replied. we all went upstairs and sat next to each others on the bed.

"so what are you going to do? Harry told us everything, the boys are now in Italy" Perrie said. "w- what did he tell you?" i asked. "well he is kinda depressed because he won't be able to see you but he did give us this letter" Gabrielle said taking a paper out of her purse. i grabbed it and opened it.


dear Crystal

i promise i'll do my best to come see you and talk to your dad, i'm not taking no for an answer, i love you and i'm thinking of you, so stay strong and i'll call you as soon as i can, i think everybody knows that you're my girlfriend now, it's all over the internet but don't worry it's a good thing.

xoxoxox love you babe

  and that's when tears started to roll down my cheeks. "it's gonna be alright Crystal we're taking you out to cheer you up come on let's go" Avery said standing up. i wiped my tears and folded the paper. "i can't sorry girls i'm grounded for forever maybe" i said rolling my eyes. "that's precisely the fun of sneaking out" Mirella said making me laugh.

mom entered holding a tray of lemonade glasses. "here you go girls" she said. we all took a glass and drank quickly then put it back on the tray making mom laugh. "i didn't know you were that thirsty" she said sarcastically.

 after she went out, i opened the window and looked down. "we can't sneak out we're on the second floor" i said. "you know what? it's your dad that grounded you not your mom, besides Harry told us that your Aunt is the sweetest ever and she loves you both so all we have to do is ask her" Gabrielle said. we headed downstairs to see dad fighting with mom in the living room, they were both yelling at each others but stopped when they saw us.

"dad you came back early" i said. "yeah i found the perfect house" he said. "these are my umm friends" i said. "seems like all your friends are older than you" he said sarcastically. "that wasn't funny at all" i said. "just forget it let's go back to my room" i whispered to the girls.

i decided to write Harry a letter. "but wait how are you gonna give it to him if he's in Italy?" i asked. "i'm traveling there to see Zayn actually" Perrie said.


dear Harry

it's hard to stay strong being away from you, dad slapped me and now he's fighting with mom, things are messed up and i miss you so much, i'm thinking of you too... i love you


 2 days later:

Harry's POV:

after i read Crystal's letter i went crazy, i threw a vase on the mirror and they both shattered. the boys came in with Perrie. "guys i need to stay alone" i said. "sorry mate we all miss our girlfriends as well" Liam said. "no it's not just that, her dad hurt her and it was all my fault" i said when tears escaped from my eyes.

"he hates me he doesn't think i'm right for Crystal" i said putting my head in my hands. "okay look mate, you can go see her next week before we leave Europe" Louis said.

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