young but in love

"you have a girlfriend okay? you said you cared for me" i yelled with more tears running down my cheeks. "C- Crystal i'm so sorry i gave you hope or something but i never meant to... yes ofcourse i care for you but you're sixteen... you're too young Crystal" Harry said. he's 20 and i'm 16, i fell in love with him but he didn't, i was broken and he tried to fix me again.


38. heart attack:

hey guyyyys sorry i made you wait, this chapter is going to be super beautiful i can promise, enjoy :)


Crystal's POV:

"hold on Perrie i'm coming with you" Mirella spoke. "yeah me too" i said. all the girls stood up including me. "girls stop this is ridiculous" Zayn said. "yeah he's right let's play another game it's not that big of a deal" Niall said. "i'm not sleeping next to Zayn tonight and i'm not being silly" Perrie said. "i'll see you tomorrow" i whispered and winked at Harry. "don't go" he whispered back but i turned around and followed the girls inside.

we chose a room upstairs and crashed on the same bed. i went to the bathroom and found a razor, i thought i could control it but i can't, something is telling me to do it, i shouldn't have started in the first place because it's so hard to stop, and that's just wrong and sad.

the cut made me scream, i guess the razor went so deep that it hurt that bad. i started feeling dizzier and dizzier.

Mirella's POV:

i knocked on the door of the bathroom and called Crystal so many times after she screamed but she wasn't answering at all. "go call the boys hurry" i told Avery so she ran outside. "Crystal can you hear us?" Perrie asked when Harry ran inside followed by the boys.

he knocked hard. "Crystal stop scaring us open the door are you okay?" he yelled. he took a step back then kicked the door and came in. we saw Crystal lying on the floor with blood all around her. "CRYSTAL" harry screamed and picked her up bridal style.

"i'm taking her to the hospital" he said. "i'm coming with you" Louis said. "call us when she wakes up" Gabrielle said when they both ran outside.

2 hours later:

Crystal's POV:

i opened my eyes to see myself in a hospital room lying on a bed, Harry was sitting next to me on a chair holding my hand. "hey you're up" he said kissing my forehead. "Harry i..." i said when he cut me off. "i don't wanna talk about it i'm going to talk to the doctor to see if you can go out" he said.

he's clearly mad at me, i'm so stupid. Louis came in and hugged me. "we all  freaked out, don't do this to us again" he said. "i'm sorry" i said. "what did Harry do?" i asked after he sat on the chair.

"he carried you here and just between us he cried, you really scared him" he said when i felt a tear run down my cheek. "okay we can go" Harry said coming in. i slowly stood up with the help of both of them. Harry took my hand and we managed to walk out.

the car ride was absolutely silent. we went inside to see everyone asleep in the living room on the couches. "they must've been tired waiting for us" Louis whispered. "we're gonna go upstairs" Harry said when i nodded in agreement. we got into the room and sat on the bed.

"so why did you do it?" he asked. "i- i couldn't control it i'm sorry i didn't think this would happen" i replied. "you're never leaving my sight from now on i'm very mad at you" he said. "i said i'm sorry" i said. "THE WORD SORRY JUST DOESN'T FIX ANYTHING" he yelled. "DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW SCARED I WAS? YOU GAVE US A HEART ATTACK" he yelled even higher making the rest come inside.

"is everything okay?" Liam asked. i ran past them and entered another empty room then shut the door hard. i sat on the floor with tears streaming down my face. "Crystal i'm sorry open the door please" i heard Harry say.

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