young but in love

"you have a girlfriend okay? you said you cared for me" i yelled with more tears running down my cheeks. "C- Crystal i'm so sorry i gave you hope or something but i never meant to... yes ofcourse i care for you but you're sixteen... you're too young Crystal" Harry said. he's 20 and i'm 16, i fell in love with him but he didn't, i was broken and he tried to fix me again.


4. bad things happen:

"what can i do to make it up for you?" he asked. "nothing really" i replied when he took my hand and dragged me out. "Victoria we're gonna be right back" he yelled when he closed the door behind him then we stepped into his car and he drove off.

he pulled over in front of the cinema so we went in. "i extra paid so we could stay alone" he said making me smile. "that's really sweet of you" i said as we heard a gun shot. "look out" Harry yelled pushing me behind a table when i started to cry.

"what's going on?" i asked. a tall guy came towards Harry still holding the gun but pointing it at the ground. "what do you want Steve?" Harry yelled. "you're never gonna get away with what you did" the guy yelled, apparently called Steve. i was still crying and hiding behind the table scared to move when i heard another gun shot freaking me out.

"i'm gonna find you Harry" Steve yelled as he ran away. Harry and i both wondered where that gun shot came from. "are you guys okay?" Zayn asked running towards us. "wait that was you Zayn?" Harry asked. "it's a fake gun, i was trying to get Steve to go" Zayn replied when Harry took my hand and helped me up.

he hugged me and kissed my forehead. "i'm so sorry Crystal, bad things keep happening to you because of me" he said but i was sobbing a lot that i couldn't answer, still in a shock of what happened.

we went back home and i was still crying cz i kept remembering what happened. "what's wrong?" Aunt Victoria said rushing towards us. Harry started to tell the story after we sat on the couches and it only made me cry harder.

"wait he said he's gonna find you... he knows all of our places" Zayn said. "Stay here you can share a room with Crystal until it's over" Aunt Victoria said. "w- wait b- but who's Steve? and w- what does he want from you?" i asked. "he's no one... just don't think of it" he said when Abbie called me. i went upstairs and told her what happened when she screamed.

"you should be happy now Harry's going to stay with you" she said when Harry knocked on the door of my bedroom. "Abbie we'll just talk later" i said hanging up and opening the door.

Harry's POV:

she had puffy eyes and a pale face. that was all my fault, i shouldn't have taken her there, but i didn't know that Steve was gonna be there. i never told her who he is because it's just a long story, maybe i'll tell her some time in the future when i fully trust her but now all i care about is making her forget and move on.

Crystal's POV:

i think it's official, i'm starting to fall for him. the next day, Harry brought his stuff and we managed to share the room equally then Aunt Victoria drove me to school. i was making my way to my locker when a boy pushed me on the floor making my books fall.

"why did you do this?" i yelled as he laughed. "you're pathetic just get out of here" he said making me cry when Zac yelled. "Hey leave her alone"

i never wanted him to see me like this, i'm not weak and i always stood up against bullying but this was a new school, everything's new to me. He was running towards me when i stood up and ran back outside not letting him see me cry.

i kept running all the way back home then i rushed upstairs to my room and shut the door hard crying forgetting that Harry was there.

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