young but in love

"you have a girlfriend okay? you said you cared for me" i yelled with more tears running down my cheeks. "C- Crystal i'm so sorry i gave you hope or something but i never meant to... yes ofcourse i care for you but you're sixteen... you're too young Crystal" Harry said. he's 20 and i'm 16, i fell in love with him but he didn't, i was broken and he tried to fix me again.


32. a brother?!

  hey everybody i'm feeling kinda sad that i'm not getting new likes and favourites, i lost a couple in fact and i don't know why. if u love this story and want me to keep writing plz tell me, it would bring a smile on my face. thankyou love ya loads!


Crystal's POV:

London long time no see! i walked out to see mom waiting for me. she ran towards me and hugged me crying. "are those tears of joy?" i asked. "i missed you so much kiddo listen i have to tell you something" she said. "your dad took custody of you i'm sorry i couldn't do anything he's outside waiting for you in his car... i'm flying to New York i have to go back there" she said.

i sat on the chair to make sure i don't pass out then managed to talk when mom sat next to me. "don't worry i'll be strong just go i know it's not easy for you to stay here" i said hugging her. "bye honey i'll come see you every once in a while" she said standing up. i held her hand for a couple of seconds then she let go and walked away.

i got myself together and headed outside to dad's car. i jumped in to see him sleeping on the steering wheel. "dad?" i tapped on his shoulder so he jumped and looked at me. "Crystal honey i missed you sorry i fell asleep" he said. "yeah whatever" i replied coldly. "look i know you're mad at me because of what happened in Canada but..." he said when i cut him off. "just drive dad".

the drive was full of silence but when we reached our neighborhood dad decided to speak. "Crystal... i actually umm... have a girlfriend... she's waiting for us inside" he said then pulled over. my eyes were full of tears and anger as i looked at the house. "that's why you divorced mom I HATE YOU I WANT MY OLD DAD BACK WHO ARE YOU? HOW COULD YOU DO THIS?" i yelled then jumped out to be followed by him.

i stepped inside to see a lady about mom's age standing in the living room. "Crystal?" she asked when dad came in. i wiped my tears and walked towards her. "you ruined my life" i said. "hey Crystal apologize right now" dad said. i ran to my room ignoring them and crashed on my bed.

she then stepped inside without knocking and sat next to me. "i'm Dina" she said. "and i don't care" i replied coldly. "look i know you hate me now but maybe you'll love me more when you meet my son, you two could become close friends" she said making me stand up.

"you have a son too? who are you? can i please just disappear?" i said crying harder. i went into the bathroom and tried to call Harry but he didn't pick up. i took a shower and slipped into my pyjamas then went downstairs.

i walked in the living room to see dad, Dina and Zac?!  "Zac?!" i asked when he stood up. "Crystal?! no way" he replied. "so you two know each others?" dad asked when we nodded in agreement. "i'm sorry this is all too much for me in one day" i said running back upstairs when i felt a little dizzy and all i could remember next was waking up in the hospital.

"what happened?" i asked as i opened my eyes. "you passed out you couldn't handle everything that has happened" Zac said. i looked the other way to see dad holding Dina's hand, they were both looking at me.

"Can i have some time alone with Zac?" i asked when they nodded in agreement and walked out. "no offense but i really hate your mother" i said making him laugh. "i hate your dad too because he never told us he was married but mom was already too much in love with him so they never broke up" he said. "oh my goodness dad is a horrible person he even did the impossible to make sure i don't see Harry anymore" i said when Zac held my hand. "look on the bright side now you have a brother that will always stand by your side" he said making me smile.

my cell phone rang so Zac handed it to me. "hello?" i said. "C- Crystal?" Harry said crying. "Harry what's wrong?" i asked. "i'm sorry i can't be with you anymore" he said. "w- what do you mean? i- i don't understand just tell me what's the matter" i said. "that's what Simon wants and i can't say no... at least now during the tour" he said. "well if you're dumb enough to listen to him and BREAK MY HEART THEN FINE" i yelled then hung up.

all i saw next was black...

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