Do You Remember Me?

What happens when Niall breaks up with Autumn before he goes on x-factor and they meet again a couple years later? Will she take him back? Will they learn to love again? Will she fall for someone else? Read to find out! <3


4. Chapter 4

The guys stayed for a while and we watched a couple movies until Louis invited us over to his and the guys' house to stay the night, for fun. After Jamie and Emma begged me, I finally agreed to it. We got our bags packed and were out the door.

"Who's riding with who?" Harry asked.

"Me! I'm riding with you!" Emma yelled getting in his car.

"You can ride with me." Niall said unlocking his car door.

"I'd rather not."

"Oh, come on.. Please? We need to talk more." Niall asked.

"Fine.." I said not feeling like arguing.

I walked to his car and got in the passenger seat and he got in the drivers seat. He pulled out of the driveway after Harry did and we were now on the road.

"So how've you been?" Niall asked not taking his eyes off the road.

"Perfectly fine." I said looking out the window at the trees we were passing by.

"Autumn, I don't want you to be mad at me."

"Why shouldn't I be mad at you?"

"Cause! I'm sorry and I just want us to be friends like we used to be before we dated."

"And then you leave again and never talk to me?" I asked sarcastically.

"No.. Autumn, do you really want to know the reason I never talked to you again?"

"Oh yes, please, go on."

"Cause I felt like I was holding you back."

"Holding me back from what?"

"From finding the right guy for you. It was just teenage love.. We were only 16. Why would you want to sit around by yourself all the time while I was away on tour.." Niall said stopping at a red light and looking at me with his beautiful eyes.

"You're right.. I forgive you." I said and a smile escaped his lips showing his perfectly straight teeth.

"I see your teeth aren't crooked any more." I said chuckling.

"Yep." He said popping the p.

We got to their house and walked inside. It was huge.. The living room was ginormous. There was 2 long couches, a recliner, and a large flat screen tv hanging on the wall.

The others were sitting on the couch talking. I guess we took a little longer to get here.. Me and Niall walked in the living room and I saw greeted by a tall girl with light brown hair. She outstretched her arm and waited for me to shake her hand. I smiled and shook her hand.

"I'm Eleanor, Louis's girlfriend." She said smiling.

"I'm Autumn."

"I can already tell were gonna be best friends." Eleanor said in a serious tone making me chuckle.

She grabbed my arm and dragged me to the living room and sat down on the couch by Louis pulling me next to her, Emma, and Jamie.

I glanced over and saw this girl sitting next to Niall and he had his arm around her.. She had blonde hair which was dyed.. I could tell.., and way to much makeup on. Is that his girlfriend? I thought to myself. Pretty soon my question was answered.

"Oh I forgot to introduce you guys to Britney, my girlfriend." Niall said smiling at her.

Ew.. Oh well. Maybe she's super nice and sweet and perfect for Niall. Psh.. I'm not jealous. I could care less who he dates. Like he said, we were only 16.. It's not like we were in love.

"Yeah. We've been dating almost 6 months now!" Britney said in her snobby voice.

"Oh I can already tell we won't be getting along.. But I'm gonna try the best that I can to get along with her."

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