Do You Remember Me?

What happens when Niall breaks up with Autumn before he goes on x-factor and they meet again a couple years later? Will she take him back? Will they learn to love again? Will she fall for someone else? Read to find out! <3


35. Chapter 35

Niall's POV

It's been about 3 weeks since Autumn got out of the hospital. All we've done is relax since then and she's recovering quickly, which is great. I've hired a wedding planner to plan the wedding since I don't want Autumn to be under a lot of pressure to plan it. It was my idea to have the wedding this soon anyway.. It's in 8 days. Just the thought of her walking down the isle and smiling at me as she walks towards me and lets go of her dads arm and-

"Niall." Autumn chuckled waving her hand in front if my face, snapping me out of my amazing daydream.

"Huh? W-what?" I stuttered.

"Are you okay? You've been staring blankly at the wall for 10 minutes.." She laughed.

"I'm fine. Just can't wait to marry you." I smiled before kissing her softly.

"I can't wait, either." She returned the smile.

"Now, What do you wanna do?" I asked.

"Let's make brownies."

"I love when you say that." I replied making her chuckle.

We walked in the kitchen and got out all the ingredients for the brownies. Pretty soon they were in the oven. Mmm.. They look so good! After a long time we took them out and I instantly grabbed one. I tossed it around in my hand trying to keep from burning myself.

"It's hot!" I yelled.

"Yeah they're literally right out of the oven. Literally." She laughed as I threw the brownie in the sink and ran cold water over my hands. "We have to wait 5 minutes for them to cool."

"Ugh, okay."

5 minutes later we finally got to eat the brownies and they were amazing!

"These brownies are almost as good at my mum's." I smirked. She shoved me lightly and we both laughed.

"Hey, you helped make 'em."

"I know, I know. They. Are. Yummy."


I looked at her and it's like I went back in time. I saw her from when she was in the hospital.. She was pale, had no normal red coloring in her cheeks, her eyes were shut and she was cold. It was like she was dead.

I shut my eyes tightly to keep the tears from pouring out. I moved my hands to cover my face but soon felt my arms get pulled down.

"Ni, what's wrong..? Please don't cry.. You'll make me cry." She said. I could feel her crying even though she said she wasn't. I opened my eyes and looked down at her with tears streaming down my cheeks.

"I thought you were gone just a few weeks ago.. I don't know what I would've done without you. Seeing you in the hospital, so sick and lifeless.. I just hate seeing you like that." I cried out.

"Niall.. Don't worry about it. I'm fine.. Remember when we saw each other again for the first time?"

"Yes.. At our last c-concert."

"Why do you think we met again?" She asked.

"Fate." I replied confidently.

"Then why do you think that I survived..?"

"Fate." We said at the same time.

"Niall.. We were meant to be. There's no other explanation. If you came up to me one day and said you wanted to break up and that you don't have feelings for me anymore.., I'd be okay. You know why?"


"Because I would know we were once deeply in love and I know I was lucky to have you. I wouldn't want to keep you to myself.. I would know another girl would be getting the same thing I had with you. Pure love and happiness."

"You're all I want. Forever. I'm in too deep.. You've got me wrapped around your finger. You can't get rid of me." I pulled her into a tight hug and we just stood there in each other's arms.

"I love you, I love you, I. Love. You."

"I love you too, Nialler."

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