Do You Remember Me?

What happens when Niall breaks up with Autumn before he goes on x-factor and they meet again a couple years later? Will she take him back? Will they learn to love again? Will she fall for someone else? Read to find out! <3


30. Chapter 30

Emma's POV

It's been about 5 weeks since the accident. We've been to the hospital everyday but she hasn't woken up. The doctor said she might not wake up.. Hearing that kills me. She's my best friend! It was just like yesterday we were at McDonald's throwing fries at people and now she's barely alive.. She hasn't progressed at all.

Niall isn't doing well either. He's sat by Autumn's bedside everyday.. I'm proud of him for not losing faith, but I can tell it's slowly drifting away as she doesn't get any better. Louis and Liam had to physically pull him out of her room to get him to come eat.

I've cried so much the last couple weeks it's like I have no tears left. I just sat at home with Harry as he ran his fingers through my hair over and over again. It was about 9 at night, the nurse said we had to leave. Lately she's been letting us stay after visiting hours but the hospital got really busy.

Harry left and Jamie came downstairs. She sat down on the other side of the couch.

"Hey, Em." She said sadly.

"Hey.." I replied.

"I was thinking we could get up early and go see Autumn." Jamie said.

"Yeah.." I said staring at the wall. "Jamie..?" I asked sadly.


"What if she doesn't make it? Heck, the only thing keeping her alive is life support."

"We'll get through it.. Okay? Autumn's strong.. She's trying.. It just might be too hard to overcome." Jamie said with tears in her eyes.

"I don't know what I'll do if she dies, Jamie!" I yelled with tears finally coming free. I felt relieved to finally cry.. I've acted as strong as I could for so long but I can't anymore!

"Emma stop.. Don't think like that."

"I can't help it! Jamie, it's been more than a month, she hasn't progressed, and she's on life support."

"Come on. You're tired.. Just go to bed. Were getting up early." Jamie said guiding me upstairs.

I didn't feel like arguing so I went upstairs. I changed into my pj's and was off to bed with so much on my mind.


Jamie's POV

Me and Emma quickly went through the drive-thru at some fast food restaurant and ate on the way to the hospital. We got there and went up to Autumn's room. We walked in to find Niall asleep on the couch. He must've argued with the nurse to let him stay.. I won't wake him up he probably hasn't slept in awhile.

I looked at Autumn.. She hasn't moved at all. She still looked pale but this time it was different.. She looked even whiter. The doctor walked in and I turned around.

"May I talk with you for a couple minutes? It's important." He whispered, noticing Niall was asleep.

I nodded and we walked out into the silent hallway, leaving Emma in the room.

"This is probably the worst part of my job.." He stated sadly.

"Oh no.." I said preparing myself for the worst.

"I think we should take her off life support, Hun. I've spoken to her parents about it and they said they wanted to speak with everyone about it." The doctor said.

"O-okay. Thanks for letting me k-know."

"You're welcome, Hun. It's for the best." The doctor said before walking away.

I got Emma and explained to her what the doctor said on the way to the waiting room to talk to her parents. We walked in and sat down with them. We talked about it and made our decision, but we needed Niall.

Emma went and got him and we explained everything to him. I could tell he was heart broken. He was crying and crying, nonstop. We comforted him as much as we could. We let the guys know and went to say our last goodbyes.

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