Do You Remember Me?

What happens when Niall breaks up with Autumn before he goes on x-factor and they meet again a couple years later? Will she take him back? Will they learn to love again? Will she fall for someone else? Read to find out! <3


27. Chapter 27

Niall's POV

I walked over to Autumn and sat next to her on the couch. She was mid-conversation with Zayn. I let them talk for a couple minutes until she turned to me.

"Hey." I said smiling.

"Hi." She replied returning the smile.

"I-I um was wondering.. If we could-"

"AUTUMN COME HERE!" Emma yelled running up and grabbing Autumn's arm, pulling her away from me.

"Hold that thought, Niall!" She yelled while Emma dragged her to the kitchen by her arm.

I sighed and ruffled my hair. Why is this so hard? When I looked in her eyes I could tell her heart was broken and she wasn't her normal self.. And I caused it.

Next thing I knew there was a fit of screams coming from the kitchen.

"Look at the size of this spider!" Emma yelled laughing.

"Oh my god! KILL IT!" Autumn yelled.

"You kill it!" Emma yelled back.

"I'm NOT f**king touching it!!" Autumn yelled running back in the living room.

"Guys get out here!" Jamie yelled.

We walked in and saw this freaking huge spider crawling up the wall slowly.

"One of you be man enough and kill it." Autumn said hiding behind Louis.

"I'm not!" Liam yelled backing away.

"You wimps." Harry said grabbing a shoe and slowly walking up to the wall. He was just about to smash it when it jumped on him. "Ahhhh shit! Get it off!!" Harry yelled screaming like a little girl and jumping around.

"Where'd it go!" Zayn yelled.

"Here! Here!" Louis yelled stepping on it.

"Woohoo! That damn spider is dead." Autumn said chuckling and sitting down on the couch.

I hurried and sat down next to her making her laugh.

"Okay, now can we talk.. Privately?" I asked.

"Niall.. If this is about what happened I honestly don't want to talk about it." She whispered not making eye contact with me.

"Autumn. Just let me explain what happened, you owe me that."

"No! I don't owe you anything. This is your fault not mine!" She whisper/yelled.

"Autumn please!" I begged. "It was all a misunderstanding!"

"Okay. I've had enough! You guys are gonna make up! RIGHT NOW." Zayn yelled.

Liam picked me up and flung me over his shoulder and Zayn picked Autumn up and we were carried upstairs. The others trailed behind us up the stairs. We were both thrown in a big closet.

"Guys!" I yelled trying to open the door but they locked it.

"Where's the light?" Autumn asked searching around in the dark. She found it and flipped the switch on so now we could see.

I sat down and sighed. We sat there in silence, not looking at each other or exchanging words. We'd glance at each other every once in a while.

"Autumn, I'm just gonna come out and say it. She came onto me.. You just saw it wrong. I would never cheat on you no matter how drunk I am."

"How do I know your telling the truth..?"

"You're supposed to believe me. I'm your boyfriend. Well.. Was."

"Niall.. You don't understand. You can go out, right now, and literally have any model, actress, singer, anyone you want! There's so many girls out there who are way better than me. You. Don't. Need. Me. You can do better."

"Babe.. Why don't you understand that YOU are all that I want! No, Your not perfect, but your perfect to me! I don't want some stuck up model or actress or singer! I want you! And I do need you.. I can't go without you." At this point we were both in tears.

"I-I just am scared you're gonna go on tour and forget about me and find someone else."

"That's never gonna happen.. Tell me, do you love me?" I asked scooting over to her and grabbing her face in my hands making her look at me.

"I-I do.." She replied looking in my eyes.

"Now, do you believe that I love you?"

"I don't know.."

"I do. I don't just love you.. I'm in love with you. You wanna know how I know?" I whispered. "Because you constantly cross my mind. You're the first thing I think about when I wake up, the first thing I think about when I go to sleep. You give me butterflies in my stomach when you smile and when you look at me. Whenever we touch I feel sparks." I said pouring my heart out.

I still was holding her face, so I bent down and kissed her lips passionately. I haven't kissed her in so long..

"So you'll be my princess, again?" I asked.

"I'd love too."

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