Brooklyn is an intern at Price Publishing (hehe PP...)and on the first day she meets Tyler Price, Jared Price's son. She soon finds out that Jared was not the one who hired her, but Tyler was the one pulling strings and using his last name to get her where he wants her. So when he says jump, she says how high, but how soon will their arrangement crash and burn?


1. 1

Breathe Brooklyn. Breathe. I kept telling myself as I walked up the cold marble steps. First day shouldn't be so hard. I've had lots of first days. But this was a big first day. I sighed pushing open the huge wooden door. My black heels clanked as I walked up to the front desk. 

"Brooklyn." the woman smiled. "Mr. Price is waiting for you down the hall." Oh god. Am I late? How long had he been waiting? Instead of asking I smiled back at her, nodded and lead myself down the hall way, clutching my purse close to my body. 

When I got to the door with the word Price printed on the front I stopped checked my lipstick and knocked. No one answered. I knocked again. This time there was a groan and I suddenly felt like a burden. 

"Coming." a deep voice rumbled. That didn't sound like- "Oh look-y here. fresh meat."

"W-what?" I asked a little alarmed by the tall figure towering above me. "Who are you?"

"Tyler. Why don't you come in. Have a seat?" He smirked at me, his glasses rested low on his nose, his hair was messy, his grey suit was tailored to his well built body, at the least, he looked beautiful. I nodded and walked in, sitting on one side of his desk.

"Why am I in here?" I asked when he sat down.

"Well you're not really supposed to be. I just figured, let's freak her out. So," he looked at me up and down. "Brooklyn how old are you?"

"I'll be 18 on Saturday."

"Oh. Virgin?"

"Is that your business?" I spat.

"Oh! Feisty! I like it." His attitude went from professional to sexual. He pulled out a pack of cigarettes. "Want one?"

"Nicotine is a very deadly and addictive drug. It's also found in bug spray. No thanks." 

"Your loss."

"No your loss." I said. 

"No your loss." He said.

"If not having lung cancer is losing then yes my loss."

"No no. I'm cancer free."

"Not for long." I stood. "Can you tell me where my office is?"

"Nah." I huffed in annoyance.

"How old are you?" I squinted my eyes as he stood to get a file. His butt was something out of this world. 

"23." He turned to me lighting his cigarette. "Better fuck me while it's illegal right?" He laughed blowing smoke into my face. "I'm messing with you." He squeezed my cheeks and I immediately slapped his hands away. "That is no way to treat your boss." I gasped.

"You're my what?"

"Now that virgin question."

"No I'm not." I rolled my eyes.

"Oh? How many have you had?" He growled in my ear.

"One. I'm in a very serious relationship with him."

"Not for long." He chuckled. "How is he in bed?"


"How is the sex?"

"Good." I shrugged.

"You shrugged."


"It's bad isn't it?" I opened my mouth to speak. "He's small isn't he?"

"I'm done with this conversation! Can I please just go to my office?" 

"Do not. Open this until you're in the office, with the door closed." He whispered handing me a thick package.

"Why not?"

"What are you 12? When I say to do something, you do it. Okay? No questions asked." I found this funny, and challenged him. 

"Oh. I am so sorry!" I said sarcastically. "If I knew my boss threw fits I would have brought a sippy cup." 

"Heh. Funny. Now follow me." I rolled my eyes as he lead the way to a huge steel elevator door. 

"So this place is pretty new huh?" I asked after an awkward silence passed between us. He pressed a button and stood behind me. 

"Yeah. New location. We started building last year, so this is the first real working year." 

"You're the owner?" 

"My dad is." He laughed. "He's 50 though and thinking about retiring."

"So you'll be owning it pretty soon?"

"Well his new wife is about the same age as me, and she's a lawyer, so I guess she's a potential owner."

"How many kids did he have?"

"4. Why?" 

"All boys?" 


"Because I wanna know."

"Yes. 28, 23, 18, and 2."

"You have a twin?"

"You are so annoyingly absorbent." He laughed. "He cheated on my mother when she was 4 months pregnant with me. He's kind of an asshole."

"So that's where you get it." 

"You're gonna fit in here." he laughed light- heartedly.

"Will I?" 

"I mean the women might get jealous, but the guys are gonna love you. Especially in that."  I look down at my crisp white peplum dress. 

"Thanks?" I laughed. 

"So you'll be this floor's assistant." He told me. 

"Yes, I was told."

"You're not required to wear formal office wear unless you are needed in a conference. I'll give you a schedule." The doors open and he steps out, suddenly walking so much faster, I had to jog to catch up. "This is your office. We're on the 9th floor. I know it's small, but I think it's good enough for you." I gasped as he opened the large wooden door into a beautiful office. 

"Everything's... vintage." I gawked at the room, the size of a small studio apartment (the size of my apartment actually).

"Oh great! I thought you were gonna say old." He laughed. "Have we discussed your hours yet?"

"Well I graduate early, next Monday actually." 

"So you won't tell on me if I make you work 40 hours a week right?" 

"Not at all."  

"Okay so I was thinking 200- 250." 

"A week?"

"Ha! You're funny. I meant an hour." I could practically feel my pupils dilate.


"Yeah. You're only an assistant."


"The workers here at Price get over 1000 dollars an hour. We're pretty big sweet heart." 

"Tyler I-"

"Aye. It's Mr.Price." He raised his eyebrows.

"Right..." I notice his foot kick the door closed. "I'm sorry, Mr. Price. I was trying to say..."

"My main office is on this floor. So you'll be my assistant as well, but I'm pretty independent. There's just one thing..." He took a step closer to me, our bodies almost touched. "When I want something, I get it. Got it?" I swallowed, and nodded.

And by the way he looked at me, touched me, told me exactly what he wanted. 


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