A new outlook on life

Harry gets him self in to a new adventure that takes place on everyone's favorite place -berk- will he be Abel to make it back to his own Time and will he find his other half



3. thinking back

I sat in the chair that grandmother rose had provided m  with and thought about how I would get back hiccup would  have to except me and sho  true feeling towards me that I would have  to openly return it. the reason that I changed back to my normal form was  because she had been willing  to take  the risk of dying while I had been willing to save her from the inferno that had been racing towards us and my magic had given me a fire proof shield that saved me from the heat and that pulled hiccup to me I changed back into my animagus form just before we hit the ground which had saved hiccup from taking a nasty hit but she had still been in a coma for about a month now so I would sit by her bed side an  only move when still or the teens came in gobber knew about me as did grandmother rose. Grandmother rose was happy that hiccup had met 'a stealing young lad who can take care of her' while I got a full interrogation from gobber of how I intended on treating his 'wee lass' 


As all of this  was  running though my head I heard a small gasp from the bed. I quickly turned into toothless. 

"Hey toothless." She hiccup said. I licked the side of her face happy to see my friend awake.

"Toothless eww!" Hiccup said laughing. I let out a small laugh as well.

" oh hush." She said and went to get out of the bed. 

"WHAT AM I WEARING!!!" She screeched trying to figure out how she got into an outfit that Astrid had Loaned stoik until hiccup could buy her own.  The shirt was a little tight and the skirt was a little short all in all she was extremely hot in it the only thing out of place was the prosthetic leg gobber had made her.

She went to get out of bed and seemed to realize exactly what was on her leg

"What happened?" She choked out. A single tear seemed to leak down her cheek and I was next to her in seconds I used my front paws to pull her into a hug and I gently pulled her off the bed and onto the floor beside me.  I pulled her up against my chest and snaked my head around to lick at the tears that where now pouring down her face.

I heard the door downstairs open and heard some one rush up the stairs

"HICCUP!!!" I heard stoik yell and when he opened the door I snapped my wings closed around hiccup said to protect her.

"Devil let me see my daughter." He stated upset at my actions I let out a snort and pulled my head away from hiccup long enough to send a glare at him before I went back to comforting my hiccup.






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