Celebrity Colors

Well I'm Megan Kriss.. This is my life and you can of course interfere.. So enjoy this story where you will see how I turn into a celebrity..


2. New People


Megan’s P.O.V.


I’m so tired of always studying, sleeping alone and eating such ordinary food. I want to have new ones. Well how stupid am I, I’m not rich. But seeing those celebrities and rich people, I think it’s hard to get where they are right now. Okay I think I can handle it, I’m beautiful, skinny and well organized. I’m normal, I mean I’m a senior at Chandler High, I have my own apartment because my parents said they want me to live the life and know how to survive and since my friends kicked me out of our dorm, I’m still living normally and with a part time job at a café.


Okay I know someone’s going to ask me this, why my friends kicked me out.



‘’Hey Megan, ready for tonight’s party’’ Sheila said.


“I’m not going, it’s too late and I mean there are too many assignments and projects to pass before the year ends’’ I yelled.


“Well, you’re so boring. You shouldn’t be staying here because later that night, I mean morning we’ll have guys over and they’ll be seeing you here sleeping.’’ Kim said.


“Well tell those guys that this place is taken by me. So have some consideration for me.. Please..’’ I said with a puppy face.


“Too bad bull dog, were having this place, leave or were going to kick you out.’’ Sheila shouted.


“This is my home too, not only yours. I’ll go when I need to go and you can’t keep me out.’’ I shouted back.


“Well lucky you. Get the hell out of here and don’t come back, bring your things with you.’’ Sheila said angrily.


“I think you’re going to fast Sheila. She’s our best friend since prep and you’re kicking her out.” Kim said.

“I don’t care; you want to come with her!! Then both of you leave its fine with me, at least I’ll have more space and more people to come here and have a party!!” Sheila shouted.


I looked at Kim and just nodded that I’ll be leaving and that she stays with her. Kim just sat at the corner and looked at her phone. I felt my phone vibrated on the table.


From: Kim

‘Megan, don’t go without me. I’ll be coming with you.’


To: Kim

‘No! Stay with her. Its better that I know both of you are okay. You know you’re the only friends I have.’


From: Kim

‘You still care for her even though she pushed you away!!!’


To: Kim

‘Yes. So have fun and just text me anytime you like.’


From: Kim

‘Okay but where will you stay?’


To: Kim

‘Well I’ll find a way and live peacefully. So take care.’


“Well look at you two debating whether to stay or not’’ Sheila said.


I didn’t bother looking at her, I just packed my things and got all of the posters and pictures I had on the wall.


“Don’t worry Sheila, I’ll be going. Take care Kim, you too Sheila.’’ I said and went out.


Flashback ended.


Well that’s what happened. See I sacrificed the place I was living because of a stupid party and boys. That’s how much I sacrificed for my friends that I don’t think treats me like I treat them. My phone vibrated and see who texted me. Its Kim.


From: Kim

‘Hey Megan. How are you?’


To: Kim

‘I’m okay, how about you and Sheila?’



From: Kim

‘We’re okay and….. where are you?!! You are going to be late.’


To: Kim

‘OMG!! Thanks for reminding me. Take care and Love yah girl.’


From: Kim

‘Okay hurry up.. ‘


I dropped my phone and rushed to my bathroom. After taking a quick shower and pick out clothes. I’m ready. Wow just ten minutes. New record.


I ran out of my apartment and waited for the bus to arrive. See we still use the bus here, I mean outside my apartment is the bus stop. That one is a miracle.


When I got to my school. I hurried and heard the 1st bell. Shit.. I got to my class just in time and saw my teacher was introducing some cute guy. Mr. Simons looked up and saw me.


‘’Late again Ms. Kriss’’ Mr. Simons said.


“It won’t happen again Mr. Simons.’’ I said with a scared voice.


“I know, so as a punishment, you’re going to show Mr. Anderson around the school.’’ Mr. Simons said.


“Can’t he just do it himself. It’s like were still in prep.’’ I said with a harsh tone.


‘’Now now Ms. Kriss, you’re acting like you’re in prep. Show him around the school or get  a 1 week detention.’’ He said.


“Fine. Sorry Mr. Simons’’ I said with a smile on my face.


I took my seat and began writing down the things that I was going to do today. Of course, there’s the touring around the school with the new guy. Mr. Simons told the guy to seat beside me since we’re going to tour around at lunch. Well theirs my luck. I saw the guy looking at me, so I stared back and said..


“What are you looking at big guy?’’ I said with a cute tone.


“Nothing, just looking at how you managed to talk back to the teacher.’’ He said.


“Well, I’m a good girl really, I’m just not in the mood so I talked back.’’ I said.


“Oh.’’ He said.


“By the way, I’m Megan, Megan Kriss.’’ I said giving him one of the ‘hello stares’.


“Umm… I’m James, James Anderson’’ He said.


“Nice to meet you, James. Well we better listen, I don’t want to get a special mention again.’’ I told him.


“Umm. Okay.’’ He said and looked back at the board.


Well this guy isn’t that bad. He’s just new here so better treat him right. I texted Kim about this and went back to listening to Mr. Simons.


James’ P.O.V.


This girl is amazing. I mean she treats me like we have been friends for a long time. She is so friendly. Wait till I tell her what I really am. Well I’m a celebrity, I think she knows that already. What am I thinking. This girl is so different I mean really. She even talked back to the teacher and she says she’s a good girl, I believe her.


The bell rang and we all stood up, I followed Megan down the hall until she looked back and saw me with a shocked face.


“Oh my gosh! I forgot that you’re here.’’ She said.


“Yeah I’m here.’’ I said.


“I’m so sorry. I’m going to my next class and I forgot that you’re new here. So can I just see your schedule to know what your next class is.’’ She said.


I handed her my schedule and she looked at it like she’s solving a math problem. After a minute she handed me back my schedule and smiled.


“Good for you were on the same class. C’mon lets go, you don’t want to be late.’’ She said.


I nodded and walked beside her, she walks so gracefully that I almost bumped into the wall just looking at her. We got there just in time when the teacher was again introducing someone.


“Ms. Kriss, good to see you in time and look who we have here, a new student too.’’ The teacher said.


“Mr. Ralph, this is Mr. Anderson. He’s new here so I’m the one touring him around.’’ She said.


“Good, well here’s another student. Mr. Russle. So Ms. Kriss, thank you for handling this two new students.’’ He said.


“Whaaaa…..’’ she said with a confused look.


“Please seat down and I’ll be discussing already. So Mr. Russle, please seat down beside Ms. Kriss so you would all be together and no one gets lost okay.’’ Mr. Ralph said.


We just nodded and sat. I sat on the left side of Megan and the other guy sat on her right. Okay great, now we have a new companion.


Megan’s P.O.V.


OMG two new guys to tour. Great, just great. I decided to just write down notes and reminders and stuff when the new guy asked me.


“ Umm, hey I’m Nathan Russle.’’ He said.


“Oh hi I’m Megan, Megan Kriss, nice to meet you Nathan.’’ I said with a tired look.


“Are you tired or something?’’ he asked.


“Nope. There are just too many things to handle and two great great… guys to handle.’’ I said with a little sarcasm in my voice.


“Oh okay.’’ He said and returned to listening to Mr. Ralph.


Why does these teachers hate me. They are so gonna get it when I graduate. Well I can’t beat this guys, I mean they’re teachers and I’m you know a graduate person. Still there gonna get it.


The bell rang and I took off forgetting the guys again but they are still following me. That’s cool.


“So James, this is Nathan and Nathan, this is James.’’ I said.


“Hey bro, nice to meet you.’’ James said.


“Same here bro.’’ Nathan said.


“Okay so can I borrow your schedule Nathan?’’ I asked.


“Umm. Yeah sure.’’ He said.


He handed me his schedule and was in shocked that we have 4 subjects similar likewise with James. Well I’m so lucky aren’t I.


“Well lucky you, the three of us have 4 same subjects so we better have lunch and go to our next class’’ I said.


We all ate lunch and girls are looking at me like they are going to kill. Well who won’t, I’m with two cute, handsome, adorable guys. Oh what am I saying. After lunch we all went to our next class, Literature. I hate that class. Uggghh..


We got there just in time again. Well many people are new here. We saw Ms. Kettle introducing another student. When she noticed me again she smiled and said.


“Well welcome Ms. Kriss and two new guys. You’re just in time. Here’s Mr. Bradshaw. So I think those two are new so I bet you are touring them. Well count Mr. Bradshaw with them.’’ She said.


“Seriously!?’’ I said a little bit pissed.


“Yes I am serious, now take a seat and we’ll be having a test’’ She said.


I am so going to kill her right now if it wasn’t just for the level she is now. Well she’s the teacher and I am just a student. How I hate her guts. The three of us sat down and the new guy was at my back. I turned to him who was already chatting with the other girls.


He saw me and looked at me with a smirk on his face. How disgusting. But seriously, I hate people who smirk at me without my permission. I turned back and started writing down notes and what can I say how much I hate Ms. Kettle because she said were going to have quiz but none. Grrrrr. I sound like a dog hungry for food. After a good 30 minutes, the new guy patted my shoulder and I turned around to see him giving me a paper.


“What’s this?’’ I asked.


“C’mon just read it.’’ He said with that husky voice of his.


I opened the paper to see what he wrote.


Hey Miss,

      I’m Louie Bradshaw. Nice jeans. Call me later.

                                                L. Bradshaw J


So gross but I have to admit, he is handsome. I turned around to see him smirking at me again. Grrrrrrrr ..  I threw him the letter just in time the bell rang. I stood up and told myself, one more class and this will be over. I think .


When we got out of that room.. I turned to see the guys chatting, I mean only James and Nathan talking while Louie was texting.


“Hmmmmm’’ I said.


“Oh sorry’’ James and Nathan both said.


“Hmmmmm Mr. Bradshaw. Sorry to disturb you but can I please borrow your schedule.’’ I asked again for I think the 3rd time. Yeah the 3rd time.


“ Umm sure.’’ He said.


He handed me his schedule and wow I’m in luck. I only have 3 schedule with him. Gym, Literature and Home Ed. After I’m done reading his schedule, I handed it back and told them to follow me. Our last subject is Gym. We went to the gym to dress up, good thing this one is my favourite subject. I told them to go to the boys locker room and I think they already have their own lockers. I went to the girls locker room and saw my best friend Kim.


“Hey girl, I heard everything about you and those 3 cuties.’’ Kim said.


“Oh so what’s the problem?” I asked.


“What’s the problem?!! You are like surrounded by those 3 handsome guys and you say what’s the problem. You know, every girl in this campus already envy you because of that.’’ She said with excitement in her voice.


“Okay. It’s not my fault they are assigned to me. It’s those stupid teachers I encountered.” I said like I’m so innocent.


“That is the point my dear friend. So now you better dress up and Ms. Higgins is going to turn into a tomato if you’re late again.” She said with a bit a hurry.


“Okay mom..” I said laughing.


She just looked at me like a lost puppy and went out the girl’s locker room. I went to my locker and I was so shocked to see so many letters. I wonder what they are. I went to pick one and read the letter.


Dear Megan,

        You are so going to be one of us already. You will be so popular and you will look like the queen of this school. Meet us at the parking lot and we will totally change your mind. Lots of love sister.. J

                                                                                                            Carmie Williams


Carmie Williams huh. The brat of this school, the popular and the slut. Does she think she can just fool me like that. Well sister, I’m sorry but I know why you like to be my friend because of the new students.


I didn’t bother to do it so I crumpled it and threw it at the nearest trash bin and changed into my gym shorts and a batman shirt. I closed my locker door and went out. When I got out I saw Nathan, James and who’s that guy.. Oh Louie chatting. I went near them, before I could say something, James cut me off.


“Nice shirt princess.” He said with that smirk on his face.


“No one calls me princess.’’ I said angrily.


“Sorry.” He said and looked at the boys with that smirk again. I want to take that smirk away and throw it in the deepest darkest forest here.


“What’s with the mood princess, aren’t you happy?” Louie said with that smirk too.


“I’m so sick of that smirk you have, that’s why I’m not happy. And today I got like a thousand letters because I’m with you guys. Now every other girl here in school envy me, others like to be my friends because of you guys and others want to kill me.’’ I said raising my voice.


“Sorry princess, we don’t mean to do such thing.’’ Nathan said.


“No it’s okay. It’s not your fault too. It’s the teachers who assigned me to watch and tour you guys.” I said trying to make it a little bit easy for them.


James was about to say something when I cut him off.


“And you James, where did you get that smirk? Are you and Louis bonding together and now you got his sickness too?” I asked a little bit disgusted.


“Nah we’re just trying to piss you off.” Louie said.


“Well you better cut it because I don’t want to cause a scene.” I said and went to Kim.


This is the worst day ever. Like 3 new students shows up and I’m supposed to watch and tour them.


“Hey, what’s with the face?’’ Kim asked.


“You know why I’m angry” I said.


“Oh okay. C’mon let’s just wait for Ms. Higgins. I think we’re going to play dodge ball.” She said happily.

“You know what to make my mood happy huh.’’ I said happily and walked with her.


Dodge ball, that’s my favourite. Especially when I really want to hit someone in the face.

And everyone knows I’m the best here in playing dodge ball. So no one messes with me, unless they’re new.








































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Wait for the next chapieeeee. 



 ©2014 Eunice Lim (PHL)


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