Save Me 2 *Complete*

* this is a continuation of my book that got deleted if you didn't read my first book, you will understand after the first chapter.*
Cece and Zayn are deeply in love. And no one has bullied her ever since. But when Cece's abusive ex and her parents killer capture her, Zayn will have to save her, before it's to late.


20. Saved(Last Chapter)

Zayn's POV

It's been two months since Cece was shot and I still feel partly responsible for what happened. I haven't left her side ever since we got to the hospital. Now I know how she felt when I was in coma. Suddenly, the door opens.

"Hey Zayn." I heard a voice say. It was Niall. He walked in with Abbi and they say down. "When do you think she'll wake up?" Abbi asked and I shrug.

"Soon, I hope." I reply. After about an hour they had to leave. They wave bye and walk out. I turn my attention back to Cece. "Please wake up." I sigh and tears form in my eyes. I look down at the floor and cry.

"Z-Zayn?" I hear a voice whisper. I look up to see that Cece was awake! "CE!" I yell and hug her. I was so happy.

Cece's POV

He pulls away from the hug and I smile. "I'm so sorry Ce this was all my fault." He cries and I sigh. "No it's not. Your not the one who pulled the trigger." I say.

"I know but I didn't save you from being shot." He mumbled. "There was no way I would have let you get shot again." I protested and we both giggled.

"And besides, it doesn't matter if I was shot, I still think you saved me. You got him off of me before he did anything else." I say. He smiled and gave me a kiss. I loved him so much and never wanted to let go. I always think to myself,

He saved me.

Hey guys! That was the last chapter! I know u are all probably like," NOOOOO!!" But don't worry, the third book will be published today! It's called Finally Saved. Love y'all and I hope y'all read the third book!


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