Save Me 2 *Complete*

* this is a continuation of my book that got deleted if you didn't read my first book, you will understand after the first chapter.*
Cece and Zayn are deeply in love. And no one has bullied her ever since. But when Cece's abusive ex and her parents killer capture her, Zayn will have to save her, before it's to late.


5. New kid

Zayn's POV

I wake up and Cece is still wrapped in my arms. I slither my arms away and sit up. I try to stand, and I don't fall. Yes! Finally! I think to myself. I walk out and go downstairs where Abbi and Niall are watching X Factor.

"Morning Zayn." Niall smiles at me. "Morning." I say sleepily. I hear footsteps coming down the stairs. Cece walks over to me and gives me a kiss.

"I see your leg is better." I smile and so dose she. "I see you can stand up without limping." She teases. We all eat and then I run upstairs to get dressed for school. I pick out a black tee and some jeans.

I walk out of the room and Ce walks out of my sisters room. She has been wearing my sisters clothes since she doesn't have any of her's and my sisters are gone away on vacation for another good month or two. She is wearing a blue ruffled tee and black skinny jeans.

"Meet you two at school!" We both call to Abbi and Niall as we walk to the car.

*skip car ride*

"Hey, look! The slut is back!" We hear someone say when we get out of the car. Geez, they start their games as soon as she steps foot on the school yard.

Cece's POV

"Hey, look! The slut is back!" I hear someone yell. Great. I turn around to see Chelsea and Jake. "What do you two want!" I snap.

"Whoa! Calm down! I didn't say anything." Chelsea stated. "I swear. It was the new kid."

Jake sighed. "He bullies us. I hate it and we're sorry for bullying you Cece." Chelsea almost started to cry.

"Your forgiven. Now, what's this new kids name?" I ask. What they say next sent a shiver down my spine.


Cliffhanger! Sorry if your mad at me for ending it like this! Don't forget to comment what your name is and what you look like. Love y'all!


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