Save Me 2 *Complete*

* this is a continuation of my book that got deleted if you didn't read my first book, you will understand after the first chapter.*
Cece and Zayn are deeply in love. And no one has bullied her ever since. But when Cece's abusive ex and her parents killer capture her, Zayn will have to save her, before it's to late.


17. Déjà vu

Cece's POV

"LET ME GO!" I yell and start to cry. I was thrown into a room and the door slammed behind me. I look up up see him standing over me.

"So we meet again." He chuckles and I recognize the voice. "H-Hunter?" I stutter. "Your such a good guesser!" I hear someone come into the room.

"Nice job Hunter." The man smiled. "It was easy." He murmured. "Who, who are you?" I ask. The man chuckles. "I am Kale." He starts.

"The one who killed your parents."

Zayn's POV

I get up and walk out the door. "Where are you going?" Niall asks. "To look for Ce." I reply and close the door. I look at the school to see if there's anything there. I walk to our old lockers and see hers is unlocked. I open it to see a note pinned on her door.

Dear Zayn,

I knew you would come here to look for something. If you want her back, you gotta come find her. Just a hint, it's where she was a year ago.


Hunter and Kale.

Who the hell is Kale? Who cares about that but where she was a year ago. Hmmm. Oh! I know! Her old house! I run to the car and drive to her house.

Skip car ride

I open the door and walk in. "Ce, are you here?" I yell. I hear noises coming from her basement. "Ce?" I repeat and run to the basement. I open the door and see Cece on the ground, crying.

"CE!" I yell and sit beside her. She was full of blood and cuts. "Z-Zayn?" She stutters. "H-how did you find me?" "That doesn't matter." I say and hold her I'm my arms. "Well well well. Who do we have here?" I hear a voice behind me.

"Who are you?" I ask. "I am Kale, the pen who killed Ce's parents." He smirks. "Zayn I'm scared." She whispered. "It's gonna be ok, I promise." I hug her and kiss her forehead.

"Aww, so sweet. To bad it's the last time." He chuckled. He walks towards us and punches me in the face. It was so hard I let go of Cece and fall. "Zayn!" She yells. I get back up but Kale is standing over her. He pulled out a gun from his pocket.


She cries in pain and I push him off of her. I call 911 and a minute later the police and ambulance came. They arrest Hunter and Kale, while Ce is put on a stretcher. "Are you coming in?" They ask and I nod.

"Zayn, it hurts." She cries. "Where did he shoot you?" I ask. She points to her stomach. "I'm so sorry Ce this is all my fault!" I cry. She wipes away my tears. "It's not your fault." She smiles.

"Yes it is! If I was more carful you wouldn't be hurt!" I say and she sighs. "I don't care about that. I know what really matters." "What?" I mumble.

"You saved me." She said. "I didn't save you! You could die!" I cry even harder. "You saved me from being shot before. You saved me for being beaten to death. You saved me from suicide. And I can't thank you enough." She smiled.

"I love you Zayn." "I love you too Ce." I sigh and kiss her. When I pull away, she smiles and her eyes start to close. "Please don't die Ce!" I cry. "Please."

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