Save Me 2 *Complete*

* this is a continuation of my book that got deleted if you didn't read my first book, you will understand after the first chapter.*
Cece and Zayn are deeply in love. And no one has bullied her ever since. But when Cece's abusive ex and her parents killer capture her, Zayn will have to save her, before it's to late.


16. Captured

Cece's POV

One week later

"We are now landing in London, England. Please fasten your seat belts." The pilot called through the speakers. I put my seat belt on. When we landed, I got my suitcase and walked outside. I looked around for Zayn. I saw him in his car and ran towards him. He spots me and hops out of the car.

"Cece!" He yelled. I was a meter away from him when someone grabbed me. "Nice to see you again Cece." The person snickered. "Let go of me!" I scream. "Ce!" Zayn yells and runs towards me. The person grabbed my wrist tighter and pulled me away. "Help!" I yell as he threw me in his car and drove off. I sat there, crying in my lap.

Zayn's POV

Cece was put in a car and they drove off. I fall to my knees and cry. Niall came to see what was taking so long and he ran to my side.

"What's wrong? Where's Cece?" He asked and I cried harder. Every time I hear her name it makes my heart break even more.

"S-s-someone grabbed her and t-t-took her in h-h-his car!" I manage to say between sobs. "It's ok mate, we'll find her." He said.

"No it's not ok!" I snap. "W-what if that was Hunter! What if he kills her! It will be all my fault!" I start to cry even more. Niall sighs and helps me up. I fall back down. I'm too weak because of all my crying I guess.

"Let's go home so you can relax." Niall said and I nod my head. I get back up and Niall helps me to my car and we go home. I think to myself, when Abbi hears this, she's gonna kill me!

Hey guys! I hope you like it! It's gonna get intense these last chapters, then I'm making the third book. There will be 15 more chapters till the next book! So ya! Love y'all!


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