Save Me 2 *Complete*

* this is a continuation of my book that got deleted if you didn't read my first book, you will understand after the first chapter.*
Cece and Zayn are deeply in love. And no one has bullied her ever since. But when Cece's abusive ex and her parents killer capture her, Zayn will have to save her, before it's to late.


9. Abbi's cousin

Hey!! I have the winner. The winner is... KassyTomlinson!! I'll be having more contests soon!!

Abbi's POV

I just left the hospital. Cece is not the same without Zayn. I hope he wakes up for Ce's sake. I walk out to see Niall waiting in his car.

"Hey Nialler!!" I wave to him. "Hey Abbi!" He says and I get in the car. He gives me a kiss and we drive off.

Skip car ride

We get out of the car and we walk to the mall. We're going shopping before we eat. I walk into Hollister and I see a familiar face. It was my cousin Kassandra.

"KASSY!!" I yell and run to her. "ABBI!!" She shrieks and we hug. "I missed you!"

"I missed you too!" I reply and Niall walks over. "Kassy, this is Niall, my boyfriend. Niall, this is Kassy, my cousin!" I introduce them to each other.

"Nice to meet you Niall." Kassy says and shakes his hand. "Nice to meet you too." He smiles. We talk to each other and walk around.

"Kassy, you can eat with us if you want." Niall suggested. "Sure!" She agreed and we all walked to Nando's.

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