True Love


7. Chapter 6

Andy's P.O.V.

Louis showed up 10 minutes later just like he said he would. He saw me sitting there.

"Stay here" He said his words so defensive. He was angry.


Louis threw the door open. I got up and followed ignoring his directions. He froze. I looked over his shoulder. Oh my gosh. Taylor was back - and on top on Luke.

"GET OUT" Louis voice echoed through the flat.

I'm not sure if he was yelling at Luke or Taylor. Either way I never wanted to see either of them in my life. Luke had no excuse for what he did.

Luke started to sprint toward the doorway which we were still standing at.

"WHAT DID YOU JUST TELL ME TO DO?!?!?AND WHO ARE WHO DID SHE ALREADY FIND ANOTHER GUY?!?!?" The way he yelled at me scared me. He never yelled. Louis could tell I was scared and put his arm in front of me.

"GET OUT OF THIS FLAT NOW. HALF THE STUFF IN HERE IS ANDYS. SHE NEEDS TO GET IT OUT 'CAUSE YOU BLEW IT WITH HER!" He was very confident when he said this. I would say there was some sass in it.

"HEY TAYLOR!!?!?" He shouted looking back at Taylor.


"Do you want to go get some food?" He sounded like there was nothing wrong.

"Sure!!!" She too was not phased by this situation.

"You have an hour!" He whispered in my ear my ear as he walked to his car.

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