True Love


3. Chapter 2

Louis P.O.V.

I had just arrived at a little coffee shop with the lads. We were g

oing to get some much needed caffeine.

It was extremely busy. It seemed like there was only one little short girl flying around the room.

I started to walk back with coffees when Niall said...

"You should see how many you can carry!"

"Yea!!" The rest of the boys said.

"Okay okay" I said not wanting to disappoint. I even through my own spin on it and walked backwards.


I heard lots of breaking noises. I could feel the scolding coffee on my body, seeping through my shirt.

"Sorry" I said out of breathe

I glanced up.

She was beautiful. I every way possible. Her eyes. Her mouth. Her nose. Her hair. Her body.

She was about 4 inches shorter than me, she had long brown hair. Her eyes were like looking into a deep chocolate abyss. Her body. The way she stared at me with doe eyes...

And I just realized that I had been starting at this girl for a couple of minutes, but it just seemed so natural. It was like I had done this a thousand times before. I kept thinking to myself "SAY SOMETHING LOU" but before I could work up the courage she was gone, she ran to go get towels I'm guessing.

I turned around to the boys with this blank look.

"Louis!" Liam questioned me, "are you okay!?"

But I couldn't stop thinking about her. Everything about her. She was the most beautiful person I had ever met and I don't even know her name.

"LOUIS!!! SNAP OUT OF IT" said Harry as he snapped in my face.

Little did I know the girl was back, wiping of the floor with a rag.

"Hey" I said trying to get her attention, "let me help you. It was my fault."

"No it was mine." She spattered out, "I was running to get a woman's co-" I stopped her.

"Really, it was mine." I tried to calm her down "I tried to show off to my friends and ... this happened."

After we finished cleaning up i asked her when her next break was. She said it was in about a half an hour.

"Hey" I yelled at her as she started to walk away. She flicked her as she turned around, it made my knees melt.

"W-wha-ts your n-na-" I could believe she had this much off affect on me.

"Shh...." She held a finger to my mouth," Its Andy."

The way her lips moved when she said her name. Filled with confidence like she had nothing to worry about.

This got me all dizzy. I started feeling weird, in places that I had never felt before.

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