Fire and Life

I could feel it... it was coming through my fingertips, and it didn't look good. Thing is, there's no stopping it. My life. My power. My friends. My family. They want to take it all, and yet, they can never quiet get rid of me. Not completely. There's always another me. Because I, am Hikari Bluewater. Life of the forest.

*Story not written by me, written by one of my Best Friends who lives three blocks away, she cant make an account so im publishing it for her.*


2. The Boy.

Hikari's P.O.V.

When I got home I quickly healed my burn, healing is my secondary power, but it still left a scar down my right calf. I no longer went outside while she was outside, to be honest, I was scared of her. I didn't ever get hurt by anyone, I was always the shy one and never bothered. I was so tired, I climbed into bed and fell asleep.


-Next Morning-

When I awoke I heard a screaming sound, like a child getting beat. I looked outside and saw a young child on the ground screaming, he had a burn down his arm that he was clutching. At first I thought it was a dream, but then I realized that I wasn't dreaming. I walked out of my house onto my front porch and slowly waved my hand, making all of the trees perk up.

I ran across the tree tops and jumped down in front of the child. He began to run to the trees, Nice going there, Hikari.  I mentally smacked myself for scaring the boy. I began to run faster after him, picking him up while running, I stopped shortly after picking him up and put him on my hip. I turned back and started walking back to the clearing.

"What happened?" I asked softly, careful not to scare him again.

"F-Fire Trackers." He stuttered quietly.

I simply nodded, then we heard a voice, I looked up to see Helaku, Dammit. We're in her Land! Why didn't you go around, Hikari? I mentally yelled at myself.


Helaku's P.O.V. (Aha! bet you didn't expect that... okay, maybe you did...)

As I walked home from hunting I felt a wave of people in my land, I have stronger mind power than others, I can sense when people are near, and I can also see things going on in other places, even miles away. I came up and noticed the girl I burned the other day, Hikari. She was walking with a young boy, barely age four. Not wanting to scare the boy, I walked up politely.

"Why are you here? You know this is my Land." I told them. The little boy just stared at me, terrified. Shit. He saw my fingers, I thought I learned how to control that? I mentally said to myself, my fingers were alight with flame.

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