Fire and Life

I could feel it... it was coming through my fingertips, and it didn't look good. Thing is, there's no stopping it. My life. My power. My friends. My family. They want to take it all, and yet, they can never quiet get rid of me. Not completely. There's always another me. Because I, am Hikari Bluewater. Life of the forest.

*Story not written by me, written by one of my Best Friends who lives three blocks away, she cant make an account so im publishing it for her.*


1. The Arena.

Hikari's P.O.V.

I could feel it... it was coming through my fingertips, and it didn't look good. I was in my village. If I let it go... it would show, and everyone would see. My name, is Hikari BlueWater. I have what many people have, the power to read minds. But, I have a special power. I have the power of Life. I control the forest, the grass, the plants. This, is a rare and unique power. No one else has it.

There are others like me, but not with the same power. Like, there's this girl, Helaku Cantu. She has control over fire. More powerful then any I've seen. She could be a fire tracker, I don't understand why she isn't, I guess she doesn't like them any more then we do. I never talk to her, she lives miles away in the plains, in a two story house. We, are Indians. At least, I am. I'm Apache, she's Comanches, we don't mix. Never will. I see her in her village taking care of the children there, I never see her other than that. I live in the forest, she lives in the plains. Miles away.

There are two other girls I can tell you about, Clair Potter, Harry Potter's daughter, She's a witch. And then there's Kopi, she lives in the mountains, and never comes out, she has power over Ice.

It was a long night, I'm alone in my house in the forest. I could see the tax collectors, all of whom had fire power, coming to steal - at least I saw it as stealing. You have to pay five pesi, which is our money, each week. I could feel their heat from here, and they were on the plains. I could see Helaku's house from here, because of how high I am in the trees.

She was coming back to her house, she could sense them there. She slowly walked around a corner and there she was, it happened so fast all I saw was a bloody guy on the ground screaming, "No please!" and all she said in reply was, "Get Out." After I saw that I walked over and climbed into bed, falling asleep in a matter of seconds.


- Next Morning -

It was early when I awoke, and it was wet outside, obviously it had rained last night. When I walked outside, everyone was running. The fire trackers were burning down the village. I saw a young girl crying for her mother. I knew that girl, I rush over, taking her in my arms, and pick her up, I take her back inside my house, continuously telling her it will be okay. I know she's safe there because the fire trackers wouldn't dare burn my house.

I turn to see them burning the entire village to ashes. I let loose my power and rap a vine around one's waist, slamming him into a tree nearby, all you heard was a Thud as I say, "You messed with the wrong village."  I ran to help the rest of the people, and I was considering taking off but then I saw what was going on I stopped dead.

They were building an arena, one to fight to the death in. I was not willing to fight unless I had to. And I was not about to let them take my home. I saw Helaku fighting back, so I figured she could use some help. I ran as fast as I could, but when I got there, all the fire trackers were on the ground, dead. When I started towards her she turned to me and said coldly,

"Go home. I don't need any help." But when I turned back to her, she burned me and said,

"Go. Home."

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