Fire and Life

I could feel it... it was coming through my fingertips, and it didn't look good. Thing is, there's no stopping it. My life. My power. My friends. My family. They want to take it all, and yet, they can never quiet get rid of me. Not completely. There's always another me. Because I, am Hikari Bluewater. Life of the forest.

*Story not written by me, written by one of my Best Friends who lives three blocks away, she cant make an account so im publishing it for her.*


3. Off my Land.

Hikari's Pov.

"We're just passing through, I'm taking him," I motioned to the young boy," back to the village." I told Helaku, I just noticed her fingers were flaming, that must be what he's scared about. "Fine, next time don't go through my land." Helaku said, as I passed though she hissed in my ear, "Next time, be ready for a fight, forest girl." That made me shudder slightly, she can scare me. And that's saying something.

I set the boy down by his house and told him to go in. Then I returned home, making sure to go around Helaku's land.


sry for short chapter, just to kinda tie up some ends, and build the tension a bit more between Helaku and Hikari. And if you haven't figured it out, Helaku's character is based of me and Hikari is based off my friend that's writing this book with me. :)

Lots of Love, Nami.

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